Robin Hood S02E01 (BBC)

Robin Hood is the new version of the series on BBC. It started successfully last year and is currently in its second season. Jonas Armstrong stars as Lord Robin of Loxley.

I found the initial series quite entertaining, especially since I was a fan of the series that ran on the BBC in 1980s. I seem to remember that the 1980s series had a mystical element to it. Nevertheless, the new series is really good. It’s a welcome change from some of the more dreary TV shows on American television networks.

Marion is a bit more active in this series. Last season it was revealed that she was the Nightwatchman, a mysterious benefactor of the common people. Kind of like Robin Hood, only more mysterious. She attacked Guisborne. She was supposed to marry him, but didn’t in the end.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is also a bit more weasely. It’s all in good fun and I enjoy the portrayals of the top notch actors in this British show. I recommend it to everyone.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The season starts with an ambush in Sherwood forest. They robbed a woman. Loxley realizes that the woman shares the Sheriff’s insignia.

Marion is still the Nightwatchman. Loxley goes to see her to find out more about this mysterious woman.

Sir Gisborne comes by Marion’s home to take them. He burns their house even though Marion begs him not to. Loxley makes his escape easily in the shadows. Marion and her dad are brought to Nottingham Castle. They meet with the Sheriff. He places them under house arrest.

Robin recognizes one of the masked men. The outlaws try to see if they can get into the castle without arousing suspicion. Alan walks away and gets caught gambling in the tavern by Sir Guy.

The Sheriff is talking about the trap that he has laid for Robin Hood. He used children. He was going to chop their hands off for stealing, but Robin has to intervene. It was a trap. Robin is caught.

The Sheriff has assembled his cadre of traitors. He plans on killing King Richard as soon as he lands on British soil. His sister was involved in the capture of Robin Hood.

Robin is about to be killed in a pit of snakes, when the Nightwatchman intervenes. He distracts Sir Guy and the execution is forestalled. As Robin saved himself, Davina, the Sheriff’s sister, tries to push him back into the pit of snakes. Robin pushes her in instead. The Sheriff arrives and they are able to get Davina out of the pit, but not before she is bitten by a boa constrictor (very poisonous indeed!).

Davina says that Prince John has made the Sheriff a promise. If he should die an unnatural death, all of Nottingham would be destroyed.

The Black Knights plan on using the taxes to hire a large army of mercenaries. Marion wants to go back into the castle to spy on them, but Robin doesn’t want to. Robin is almost caught again by Sir Guy. His merry band of men saves him.

Sir Guy convinces Alan of being a traitor in exchange for his life.

* * * * *

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