Women’s Murder Club S01E01 (ABC)

This show is based upon a series of books by James Patterson. It is produced by Fox Studios and airs on ABC. It has a totally ridiculous title. I mean come on, Women’s Murder Club? Even though it’s based on a series of books by James Patterson, the title is kind of lame.

Honestly, it’s not really a club. It’s just a bunch of career minded women working well together. This show kind of reminds me of Lipstick or Big Shots, but intended for women. Jill Bernhardt the ADA is a bit annoying. She acts like a teenager when it comes to boys. Dr. Claire is the adult of the club and has a family. Lindsay pissed away her marriage to her new boss Tom because of her job. She’s too involved in it.

I have mixed feelings about this show. It’s not really bad, but it isn’t really good either. There are tons of police procedural and legal dramas out there a lot better than this. It’s possible but unlikely that this show will dramatically improve in the next few episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Lindsay Boxer is waiting for Theresa Woo. Her body falls on her car. ADA Jill Bernhardt is assigned to the case as well. Dr. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner. Instead of forming a babysitter club or a book club, these cool and professional gals decide to form a murder club.

Lindsay’s ex is calling her repeatedly. They don’t find anything at Theresa’s apartment.

Jill’s boyfriend leaves her his keys to his apartment, but Jill doesn’t really want to commit to this new serious step in their relationship. He insists. Claire finds that Theresa died of three gunshot wounds. The girls deduce from Theresa’s bikini wax that she was seeing someone. Since there wasn’t any extra clothing at her place, they think that it’s new.

At Theresa’s job, Lindsay doesn’t find anything either. Lindsay goes back to Theresa’s apartment and catches Cindy Thomas breaking in to return Theresa’s notebooks. Theresa’s notebooks are in some form of code. She hears someone outside, but he escapes.

Tom, Lindsay’s ex, gets promoted to lieutenant over her partner Jacobi. The girls are wondering if Tom is back in Lindsay’s life to get back together with her. Jill thinks that she doesn’t want to move in with her boyfriend Luke.

Theresa has a stalker named Walton James. She had filed a restraining order against him. His place is filled with photos of Theresa and articles from her. James doesn’t believe that she is dead until he sees her body.

Lindsay believes that James was actually liked by Theresa. That is why she let the restraining order lapse. James reveals that someone was following her. He knows her license plate number. They find out that a doctor named Rain has been following Theresa. Theresa was having an affair with Miles, Rain’s third husband.

Jill had a relationship with James’ lawyer. She has sex with him at her office.

Lindsay goes to see Cindy again. She says that she can read the notebooks. Lindsay needs to know what was going on at home.

Miles has a load of alibis. Lindsay likes him for the murder.

Cindy goes to see Walton and finds him hanging from the rafters. Claire says that Walton was strangled and then strung up. Cindy comes by with Elephant Man. Cindy cracked the code.

They examine Elephant Man and he is very healthy. Everything in his file is fake. Theresa discovered that there was something funny going on at a free clinic. It leads back to Rain, the wife of Miles. Rain killed Theresa because she embezzled money from the government to save Miles’ restaurant.

Rain confesses to the murders.

Lindsay and Tom have a talk of sorts. Tom is getting married again. That is what he wanted to tell her.

Cindy writes a story about the whole affair and puts her name and Theresa’s on the byline. Jill decides to go forward with her boyfriend Luke. Claire goes home to her husband and children. Lindsay is called to another murder. It’s another Kiss Me Knot murder. He was the serial killer that plagued San Fransisco a while ago that drove Lindsay and Tom apart.

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