Where Is Amanda Congdon?

Amanda Congdon was really hot stuff last year. She quit Rocketboom and decided too late to take a deal with ABC News, after traveling around the country in a hybrid car (AmandaAcrossAmerica.com). This same deal was not renewed this year. On top of that, it looks like her HBO deal isn’t doing too well. She’s still vlogging, but her last entry was last month.

I enjoyed her vlogging on Rocketboom. Since then I moved to the other side of the world (Taipei). I haven’t watched a single episode of Rocketboom since September 2006. It wasn’t really Joann Colan’s fault. There comes a time when time is measured and metered preciously. Time can not be easily wasted without consequences. Yesterday I was lost in YongHe (永和市) trying to find someone’s house without precise directions. The darkness of the night didn’t help matters. I was pissed at loosing 90 minutes. I could have done something constructive in those 90 minutes. It was also frustrating that it only took me 7 minutes to go home.

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