Dexter S02E02 (Showtime)

The two first episodes of the second season of Dexter were leaked on the internet back in July. I had watched the 1st episode of the second season after finishing the 1st season of Dexter. I finally watched the second episode yesterday. Sometimes you have to be in the mood for certain shows. The same is true for Brotherhood. I finally watched the last few episodes of season 1 and the leaked episodes of season 2 earlier this week.

Dexter finally deals with Little Chino. The FBI taskforce is in town to check up on teh Bay Harbor Butcher, the name the media gave to Dexter after 14 bodies were found off the coast by treasure hunters. Dexter has to deal with Rita and adapt with life with Deb at home. Deb is still off duty and cracks another case by threatening a kid with her gun.

With excellent shows like Californication, Weeds, Brotherhood and Dexter, Showtime is really hitting the mark. I like Dexter. It’s a completely different show. It’s never boring and has a lot of interesting parts. Some people enjoy saying that Dexter is not as good as Six Feet Under, but the shows aren’t the same. Michael C. Hall plays an excellent role in Dexter, a lot better than therole Peter Krause got in Dirty Sexy Money, a show that I believe is doomed to failure.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

All of Dexter’s secrets are floating to the surface. He gets a name in the press, the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Little Chino has been busy. He killed Eva, the woman who wanted justice from the gangbangers.

Maria covers for Esmé, her new boss.

Dexter wants to find Chino before he finds him. Dexter is paranoid. It’s only Doakes that’s following him around. Deb is still living with him. He gets a phonecall from Astra, Rita’s kid. Rita is acting strange. At least that is how Dexter thinks of it. He doesn’t understand why she is upset. She is upset because her ex is dead.

Frank Lundi is the FBI agent coming to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher. He is very good and Maria wants Doakes to get on the taskforce.

Little Chino comes by the station. He proves that he didn’t kill the woman.

The captain comes by to introduce Lundi. It will be a joint taskforce with the Miami Metro PD. Dex gets some tranquilizer guns from the MDPD.

Dex is trying to take out Chino with his fancy tranq gun. He waits till he is alone, but it’s an ambush. Dex gets away by hiding in a storm drain. In the storm drain during a storm, Dexter has flashbacks to when Harry found him.

Doakes asks Lundi to be on the taskforce. Lundi refuses because he thinks that Doakes isn’t a team player.

Rita comes by to take Dexter to Paul’s funeral. He sees Ryan at the funeral.

Deb makes a giant bust. She assaults a kid with her gun. He gives up the 29th Street Kings. They have made the arrest. Little Chino isn’t there.

Maria catches Esmé getting her fiancé’s phone records.

Little Chino takes his machete to see the kid that got his gang arrested. Dexter is waiting for him. He kills him. He dumps his body in the gulf stream.

Rita wants to see Dexter. He confesses to hitting Paul after she directly asks him about Paul’s shoe that he found. Rita interrogates Dexter and comes to the conclusion that the drugs he used to on Paul are his own. She believes he is an addict. He says he is to get out of a sticky situation.

Dexter lets go of the last memento of his killer brother.

* * * * *

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