Chuck S01E04 (NBC)

Morgan meets a girl that he likes. It’s “Karina”, one of Sarah’s old friends. She works undercover for the DEA. She wants an op setup to retrieve a precious diamond from a guy involved in the heroin trade in the Middle East.

Sarah warns Chuck not to trust Karina, because she has her own agenda. She might work for herself or she might just want to go up the command ladder in the DEA. Chuck is stymied since he learns that Sarah used to date Bryce. This is after she told him that they were just colleagues. Chuck doesn’t know once again who to trust. This is what happens when people lie to each other. This jeopardizes the operation, but due to some quick thinking by Chuck, Sarah and Casey they are able to successfully conclude it.

I liked this episode. I enjoyed Karina’s character. She kind of was the über spy, even better at her job than Sarah at times. Naturally she is hot, so the target audience 18-34 male will like her as well. I recommend Chuck.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Morgan is butting in again in Chuck and Ellie’s double date. He needs to get a life. Sarah picks off the olives from her pizza. They have a great time together. However things get awkward when Bryce’s name gets mentioned. Chuck is happy to learn that Sarah wasn’t involved with Bryce on a personal level.

Someone is watching Sarah, and it’s not because she’s hot. She sees someone in the reflection of her faucets and goes on the offensive. It’s a woman dressed up as a ninja. It’s an undercover DEA agent named “Karina”. She wants to steal a diamond. She wants Sarah’s help.

Chuck sees Karina the next day around his house. Chuck recognizes Karina as an undercover DEA agent. He walks in to tell Casey and Sarah. They are being debriefed by her minders. They have to get the diamond from a guy involved in the opium trade.

Morgan meets Karina and is in love with her. Karina wants to know more about Chuck, but Sarah doesn’t say anything. She goes to the BuyMore to find him. Morgan wants to get fixed up with Karina. Sarah thinks that it’s a great idea.

They have a double date later that night. Once again Sarah picks off the olives from her pizza. Morgan is calling Chuck to know if Karina called him. Karina calls the Nerd Herder hotline anonymously to get Chuck into her hotel room. She tells him that Bryce was Sarah’s boyfriend.

The next day, Sarah tells Chuck the plan. She tells him to stick close to her during the operation. She tells him not to trust Karina. Chuck asks her about Bryce and finds out that Bryce was her boyfriend.

Karina is happy that she caused some tension between Chuck and Sarah. Karina gets them into the house. They trigger a silent alarm and Peyman is waiting for them with some goons. The girls use their attributes to make Peyman reveal things about his security system. Chuck tells Karina that there is another part of the security system. There is a 20000 volt electrical defense cage that surrounds the diamond.

On the way out to the beach, Karina has created enough doubt in Chuck’s mind for him to give her the diamond over Sarah. Chuck doesn’t know who to believe. He gives the diamond to Karina and she escapes alone on a jetski. She had it all planned out.

Casey and Sarah think that Karina took the diamond to give to her superiors and move up the chain of command. Casey uses his NSA devices to track her thanks to her cell phone.

Casey finds her. Karina plants the diamond on Morgan, who was coming by the hotel to give her some flowers. She later strips to her bikini to distract Casey.

Sarah comes by Sarah’s hotel room and finds Casey tied up to the bed. Chuck finds the diamond in Morgan’s bag. He has found out something about the diamond from his computer brain. Karina is there disguised as a ninja. She guilt trips him into helping Sarah.

There is a showdown and Karina and Chuck get Sarah out of there. Chuck has the presence of mind to FedEx the diamond to the bosses. The bosses are quite happy with the way things ended up. Peyman’s network is disrupted and the sale of some SAMs has been forestalled. Sarah makes a date with Chuck to talk. On the way out, Karina tells Chuck that Sarah digs her.

At her apartment, Chuck wants to know more about Sarah. She is mute about her past.

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