Brotherhood S01E10 (Showtime)

It’s been more than a year since my last Brotherhood post. I stopped following the show when I moved to Taiwan. The same thing happened to Prison Break. I still enjoyed watching it, but like I mentioned before, for some shows, you need to be in a certain mood. I finally started watching the series again. This is after the two first episodes of the second season were leaked on the internet back in July.

I really enjoy watching Brotherhood. It has different elements of different shows mixed into it, with excellent acting, making it impressive to watch. The plot twists are also interesting. You never know what’s going to happen next. I recommend Brotherhood.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Neil Caffee is in town. His girl Moira comes by to see Tommy in his chambers. Moira says that Neil used his half of their mom’s house as collateral on a bank loan.

Eileen is trying out NA with Michael’s partner Pete. He has seen how low Eileen has fallen. Eileen says that she can’t do this. He says that he was the same way when he first started. Eileen it jonesing for a fix.

Rose comes around to see a kid who “jumped” off a roof. Michael did this and the kid was shifting them as a drug dealer. They chucked him off the roof for that. She goes to have a haircut and Cassie, Declan’s wife, is there. Rose wants a neighborhood meeting on how to get rid of the drug dealers and crime in their neighborhood.

Declan Giggs goes to see Mr. Franklin. Declan tells his boss that Marty Trio wants out of the game and is willing to spill the beans on Freddie Cork. Marty starts to talk. Declan’s boss wants to know when Tommy and Cork started working together. Giggs wants to know what is going on and asks his boss. Giggs sees that the deposition is slipping away from him.

Another young 14 year old dealer is 400$ short. Pete cuts him some slack. Michael says that he is lying. Tommy comes by to see Michael. He tells him about their dad. Tommy and Michael decide to pay their old dad a visit.

Rose wants Tommy to get involved in the neighborhood meeting. He feels awkward because Michael is responsible about the drug trafficking. The kid who was killed was a drug dealer working for Michael. Rose gets informed that the meeting will be at Sheila’s place and that she isn’t involved anymore because of Michael.

Tommy and Michael go to see their dad. They want him gone. After some stern words he agrees to sign the papers if they drive him home. Neil starts hitting Moira and the boys have to intervene. At the last minute, he wants to back down. Neil tells them that he owes 140K to Lou Palermo. Tommy starts getting physical and Michael has to restrain him. Michael says that he will take care of it. He sends Tommy home in his car. The next day, Michael goes to see the guy to fix a dog race. He gives Lou Palermo the winning tickets. It totals to enough to cover Neil’s debt. Michael is waiting for Neil when he comes home. Michael has also paid off the loan to the bank. He makes him sign the papers. He tells Neil to leave Rhode Island and to never come back.

The next day, Tommy finds Mary Rose at Michael’s corner shop. He is livid. She tells him that she knows that Eileen is smoking dope.

Pete is checking up on the drug dealing kid. He starts to drink again when he realizes that he has to beat the shit out of him. He actually shoots him after getting completely loaded. He turns up at Eileen’s house completely drunk. Eileen turns him away.

Michael comes home and finds Pete drunk in Henry’s bar. He takes him to the shore. He threatens Pete with a gun.

Tommy confronts Eileen about the dope. She denies about the dope. Tommy calls Mary Rose down to the dining room. Mary Rose doesn’t justify anything and Tommy grounds her. Eileen goes to see Pete. They snort some coke in her car before she drops him off at an NA meeting.

Rose has a talk with Michael about his business. She is ashamed of him.

Michael and Tommy talk about Mary Rose. Tommy says that he wants Michael to stay away from his family. He says he wishes that Michael never came back. Tommy is drinking while he says this.

* * * * *

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