Brotherhood S01E11 (Showtime)

It’s the season finale of the first season of Brotherhood. I was a bit behind, but enjoyed catching up with the show in the last week.

Declan isn’t doing to well, his loyalties are split between the Caffees and the police. He doesn’t really know what to do. He makes a grave mistake in this episode. Michael is in trouble, from the law and from the Irish mob. They have a hit out on him and Michael doesn’t even know it. Meanwhile Tommy has to deal with things on his own end. Blood is thicker than water, and he can’t just throw his brother out to the wolves.

I enjoyed the season finale. It has some interesting twists towards the end. It could have been an excellent way to end the series. The second series started already and it’s in full swing. I recommend Brotherhood to fans of the Sopranos and other mob shows. It’s a strange mix of family, business and crime.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

It’s time for a wedding. All of the players are on stage. Pete has cleaned himself up.

Moe Riley has to shoot Michael. Freddie and John are discussing tactics. If Moe clips Michael, they know he is clean. If not, they will clip him. Marty is wired by the cops. Marty doesn’t really care anymore who he takes down. He doesn’t mind taking down Tommy and Michael as well.

Tommy is approached by Judd Fitzgerald’s wife. He wants to talk with him. He brings Tommy to meet Alice Franklin, the US Attorney in charge of investigating Freddie Cork. He wants Tommy to sit down and do a deposition about Michael’s relationship with Cork.

Cassie is surprised that Declan is being on the job at the wedding.

Eileen is having a smoke with Mary Kate and Peggy. Tommy tells her about the deal he was offered by Judd. She says to go for it, but Tommy doesn’t say anything.

Declan finds out from his partner that the frame and microscope is on Michael Caffee. Declan phones Tommy to warn him about the mic on Marty. Tommy makes an excuse and runs. Declan is drunk and he tells all to Tommy in a garage. He tells Tommy that they need a wall between them. Marty is pissed at Declan for telling Tommy. He guessed it happened. Declan is pissing himself drunk.

Michael and Kath hook up in the parking lot. Moe decides to make his move on Michael at that time. He stops when he sees Mary Rose watching her uncle from the railing. He asks for an extension from Freddie, but he’s shit out of luck. He has until midnight to kill Tommy Caffee.

Tommy tells Judd that he smells a rat in Franklin. He thinks that Franklin is trying to play them both, but Judd won’t hear it.

Eileen smokes some pot with some guys at a cemetery.

Declan comes clean to his wife: about Michael Caffee, about Ralph shooting the fed and Michael getting rid of the body while he watched on.

Tommy asks Judd’s wife about Judd’s state of mind. She says that he is going senile, but not in those words. She says that Tommy needs to protect Judd.

Kath’s husband tries to take a swing at Michael. He is pissed. Tommy watches on as Judd drinks with Franklin. Mary Rose comes by and tells Tommy what she saw. She saw Moe Riley trying to kill Michael. Tommy confronts Freddie. Freddie smirks and says that Michael is a plague. Freddie tells him that he’s going to back down because he knows that he took 15 large of the 50K that Freddie gave him for himself. Freddie gave him this money to make sure that his son could have a funeral in hallowed ground. Freddie’s son committed suicide.

Evan kisses Eileen on the neck and she enjoys it. She overhears the bride crying in the bathroom. She says she is pregnant and that she isn’t sure that her new husband is the father.

Tommy tells Mary Rose to deliver a message to Michael. Tommy tells Michael everything about Franklin. Michael says that he shouldn’t compromise himself and tell everything.

Michael investigates. Ralph tells him about Marty. Declan freaks out and beats Michael. He totally blindsides him. He apparently kills him.

The episodes ends with Eileen telling Tommy that they need to talk.

* * * * *

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