City Homicide S01E08 (Channel 7 AUS)

For some reason I missed the last episode of City Homicide. Thankfully I was able to see it this week. I really like this show. But more on my opinions a bit later in this post.

A gruesome murderer is on the loose in the city. He picks out victims and the cops aren’t even aware of him yet. The squad starts by investigating the death of Dag Sigismund, an naturalized Australian Swede bodybuilder. They find a collection of cremation urns in his apartment. This leads the squad to investigate a victim’s support group called Vigilance.

I enjoyed this episode, as I enjoyed most of the series. Duncan has some serious problems with his girlfriend, who is sliding down a slippery slope. He tries to help her, but in the end will it even matter? There are some interesting twists and the acting is fresh and interesting. Once again, I think that Petra Yared’s (the actress playing Michelle Johnson) acting was a bit bad. I don’t know why. She didn’t seem to be able to portray being pissed off at the cops. She only shouted, it was a bit sad. This is the second time I have noticed some minor bad acting for minor roles in this series. Anyway it doesn’t really affect the storyline or the saliency of this show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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This episode begins with an old man walking a dog, who refuses to poo. That reminds me of something that happened with Spike recently.

The killer stuns his victim with a taser. He then puts the awake victim in a coffin and cremates him alive. He tells the victim to think about what he has done while he burns before he closes the lid. The killer comes back out with an urn.

Duncan phones the office to tell Mapplethorpe that he is busy with that “thing”. Simon and Mapplethorpe are going to a new case. Simon tells Mapplethorpe that Duncan made up with Claire. At the apartment, they find a series of urns filled with ashes. The victim Dagmar died of natural causes. An automatic carving knife he had in his hands at the time went berserk and carved him up. He worked at a crematorium as a cleaner.

Simon is interviewing his ex-wife. Simon has problems concentrating on what she is saying, because of all of the cleavage that he is showing. She tells a tale of when Dag got beat up when he was moonlighting as a bouncer. He was in hospital for three months. After that he never was the same. That was when they divorced. Dag joined a victim’s of crimes support group and then things really got strange.

The drug squad guys are at Claire’s place to brief her about the sting operation. She got into a lot of trouble and Freeman is helping her out. Claire is contemplating suicide while Duncan sleeps but can’t go through with it. Duncan talks her down through the door and later realizes that she was about to try and kill herself. He doesn’t say anything.

The killer’s next victim is ambushed when he gets out of this car. The killer then duct tapes him and puts a backpack filled with rocks on him. He then pushes him into the water.

Simon and Mapplethorpe learn that Dag was blacklisted from the Vigilance victim’s rights group. He was too radical and advocated direct action against criminals.

In one of the urns, they find canine remains. A few weeks ago, a man walking his wife’s dog disappeared and was never heard from again. His wife talks about a crime that he committed and never admitted to. He was driving home drunk and committed a hit and run. He got off Scott free because he was a lawyer.

They go question one of the surviving victims. Another criminal Malcolm Street went missing. He was accused of raping Michelle Johnson, the woman from Vigilance. She freaks out when they tell them that they are investigation Street’s disappearance. It took her 18 months to get a hearing on her rape case. After two days, they are already investigating Street’s disappearance.

Wolfie talks to Duncan about Claire. Wolfie tells Duncan to take all the time he needs, but leave the operation of the drug squad alone. Wolfie tells Duncan to tell his mates. He tells the rest of the squad.

Claire sets up a nice dinner for the both of them. They make love and the next day she goes to sign some papers at the drug squad and they spirit her away. Zabor is back in town. The drug squad guys offer her some crack cocaine to calm her nerves.

Dag was in regular contact with Bradwell, the guy who was put in a wheelchair by Bernstein, the lawyer. Duncan is MIA again. He is watching Claire meeting with Zabor. He gets caught by one of the detectives, but he understands what Duncan is going through.

Matt and Mapplethorpe find Bradwell trying to drown the other man involved in Michelle Johnson’s rape. They arrest him. He confesses to the murders.

Freeman and Wolfie get called into Bernice’s office. DS Watson was killed. Claire was shot and killed. She died on the way to hospital. Duncan isn’t happy with Wolfie. He pressured him to stay out of the investigation and the operation.

Duncan’s mates take him to see Claire’s body. The superintendent of the drug squad is waiting for them at the morgue. Duncan gives him a pop on the nose. He has to be restrained by his mates.

Michelle Johnson was involved in the murders. She perpetrated some of them.

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