City Homicide S01E09 (Channel 7 AUS)

The squad get a nasty surprise. DS Sparks is back on his feet after his heart attack. Earlier in the season, Detective Simon Joiner got into hot water for having an affair with Lorraine. DS Sparks is back on duty and suprisingly will not be that much of a problem for the squad.

This case is pretty grotesque. A rich family is found murdered in their home. Presumably this happened during a robbery gone bad. However there is more to this tale than meets the eye. The first suspect is naturally the oldest son, who was on a yacht with his wife and some friends. But the guy’s alibi is ironclad. The squad then shift their attention to other suspects, mainly the robbers. This leads them to a nasty discovery.

I liked this episode. I enjoyed seeing Sparksie back and giving Joiner hell. I also liked when Wolfie quoted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes during the investigation. It’s one of my favorites quotes. I recommend City Homicide.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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A rich family is bound and gagged by a band of masked assailants. They rob the place. The next day, the Deerborne family is found murdered. The oldest son is missing. They find John Deerborne on his yacht. He has to identify his whole family. He has an asthma attack outside of the morgue.

Deerborne points them to the family lawyer Scofield to find out what was in the safe. John wasn’t aware that there was safe. Ryan asks Scofield about John.

They check out John’s alibi. Frances and John had company on the boat. The Furlongs confirm John’s alibi.

Simon gets hit on by a pretty climbing store clerk when they inquire about the climbing rope that was used to tie up some of the victims. She mentions that a year ago, someone was fired for pilfering.

They find their perp, Lewis Sunderland. He has been arrested before. They find guns and money at his place, as well rope. He denies that he shot them. They get him on the robbery. He says that they were all alive when he left. He gives up his partner, Terry O’Neal. Lewis says that he got 10 grand. The loot was worth a lot more. The wife’s jewels were worth at least 300 grand.

Mapplethorpe goes through some CCTV footage. They confirm Lewis’ story. They track O’Neal’s van. O’Neal was heading back to the mansion.

Sparksie is back. Joiner isn’t happy. He has asked to be on Wolfie’s squad. Sparks asks Joiner to ride with him. Duncan is still not back. Ryan tries to call him, but he doesn’t answer. He tells him that Sparksie is back and on their crew. Duncan is giving away Claire’s clothes.

They find O’Neal hiding place. They also find O’Neal’s van. Sparks isn’t too bad with Joiner. A painting was stashed in the van as well as O’Neal’s body.

They crew is looking once again at John Deerborne. Wolfie thinks that Deerborne is guilty. He thinks that the Deerbornes hired O’Neal to kill the family. Wolfie paraphrases Sherlock Holmes. Here is the correct quote:

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?
Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four (1890)

At the boat, Mapplethorpe finds some computer speakers. Simon finds that the locked hatch was fine to open. Mapplethorpe finds a laptop on the boat. They question the Deerbornes.

The crew isn’t sure about what they can prove in court. Sparks tells Joiner that they should just put the whole thing about Lorraine behind her. They find Deerborne’s car in the same place where they found O’Neal’s van. They find a shotgun and a gun in her car.

Duncan pops in to make sure that he has a job to come back to. Sparks wants to question Frances Deerborne. He has Mapplethorpe there as well. Sparks thinks that Frances was the one responsible for the murders. All of them. He thinks she did the murders by herself. John wasn’t involved. He thinks that she doped John before leaving the boat. She confesses to everything.

Bernice thought that Wolfie was mad for letting Sparksie do the interrogation, but Sparks knew his stuff. He knew all about ex-wifes and gold-digging wives.

Matt meets Duncan for a walk.

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