Kid Nation S01E05 (CBS)

The child exploitation show on CBS continues. This time the kids are surprised that there will be an election. Even more surprising is the fact that Greg from the blue district doesn’t want to run. He probably has seen that more power can be wielded from behind the scenes, or he just doesn’t want to be in charge. People who are in charge get blamed for a lot of things.

The gig is up for Taylor. She is quaking in her little beauty pageant boots when she hears the news. Anjay is also feeling terrible, because Olivia and Mallory hate him. Probably something to do with religion, since the girls are both Christians and he is a Hindu. Meanwhile Mike is surprised to find out that someone else will run in the red district. This bossy little kid thinks his “leadership” skills are really good. But they aren’t. People are tired of him.

Laurel gets a nice surprise from her district and she is really happy about it. This time the council has to decide between Greg and Zach for the gold star prize. Who will get it?

Once again, I find the situation in this show deplorable. It’s terrible to put kids through that, and even worse since it doesn’t really represent America. Where are the Hispanics? Where are the visible minorities? There aren’t really any except a few tokens. The experiment would have really been interesting without any adult supervision or intervention. The Lord of the Flies, now that would have been something. If you are going to do it, why not do it all the way?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Zach is trying to wake up the girls to do the breakfast. The girls of the yellow team aren’t contributing at all. The blue team isn’t listening to Anjay. Zach wants to get rid of Taylor. Olivia wants to get rid of Anjay. The town council reads the book and it proposes town elections. Immediately Anjay says that he is screwed, because of Olivia and Mallory. They hate him.

There is a food fight in the kitchen. Olivia is continually on Anjay’s back. None of the leaders is very confident about the elections. Jack thinks that Zach will make a great leader. Zach is practicing.

The green team has a meeting. They decide that Laurel is a great leader and that she should stay leader.

Olivia tells Anjay that she is running against him. He is pissed off. He is just annoyed at loosing power. All of the people running for town council have to make a speech in front of the town. Guylan of the rest district is running against Mike. Guylan makes a great speech.

Olivia runs against Anjay. Zach makes a great speech about Taylor’s problems and his way of doing things.

Mike is worried about Guylan and has a talk with him.

Laurel didn’t know the right order of the Presidents of the USA and didn’t get the Upper Class. The yellow district is upper class. Green is the merchants. Red is the cooks. Blue is the laborer class. The town wins the reward. It’s a choice between barbecued meat and dental hygiene implements. The leaders choose dental health over the meat.

The red team is furious with Mike for choosing the toothbrushes. Zach knows that he only needs the vote of a girl to win town council. He makes a few speeches.

The red team is leaning to elect Guylan. Olivia is talking to the blue team. She talks with Greg. Her main line is “Anjay is more of a follower than a leader and I’m more of a leader than a follower.” Anjay isn’t able to deal with the election. Markell does a bit of vandalism on Taylor’s election poster. The yellow team’s girls start to cry at Markelle’s actions. Greg comforts Leila and this impresses Taylor. She thinks that he deserves a gold star.

The town council has to decide between Greg and Zach for the gold star. They choose Greg. Greg tells the town that the money will enable him to go to college. He is very thankful. Anjay is reelected with a vote of 7-3. In the red district, it’s a 9-1 vote for Guylan. Mike is crying. Zach wins against Taylor by a vote of 5-4 in the yellow district.

* * * * *

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