Another Abused Cindy

Cindy’s left cheek sported a blue green and yellow bruise.

I arrived in advance of my usual Wednesday afternoon class to get organized.

I started getting the kids ready for their spelling quiz when I saw Cindy’s face. First I didn’t understand what was wrong with her. When she came to the white board to write one of the spelling words I asked her what happened to her face.

My daddy hit me!
Your daddy hit you? Why?
I don’t know, but he hit me.

I was shocked. I knew that the kids got roughed up a bit, but most abusers are always careful not to leave any marks. Cindy’s dad had taken it to another level of abuse. When this happened, I knew I had to document it. I took out my camera phone and took a few pictures of the class while the Taiwanese teacher was missing. It took me a few tries before I captured the bruise. I didn’t want to be too obvious.

I remembered that Cindy got in trouble the week before. I don’t really know for what reason. The Taiwanese teacher enjoys roughing up the kids for no apparent reason or some imagined slight. I know that Cindy went into the broom closet and received what I like to call Bad Love from the Taiwanese teacher. I heard a few slaps and later, Cindy came out with tears streaming down her face.

My guess is that the teacher wrote to the parents and the father decided to punish his daughter even further. For what? I don’t really know. I have about 20 students in that 1st grade class. She might have been talking or playing with Matt. At least the teacher didn’t Bad-Love her as much as she did with poor Tammy the week before.

By Nick Forintérieur

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