Brotherhood S02E02 (Showtime)

The second season of Brotherhood has just started and I finally took the time to watch the first few episodes. I’ll have caught up by this week. Brotherhood is a good show that reminds me a lot of the Sopranos, but is still different enough to be very interesting.

Tommy gets into some hot political water after he disregards Eileen’s advice. Declan is getting dangerously low after Cassie continues to give him the cold shoulder. Moe uses Mike’s problems to make him loose his position with Freddie once more. Collin tries to find his place as the newest part of the Caffee family.

I enjoyed this episode. Tommy still hasn’t resolved issues with his wife Eileen and takes his sister Mary Kate to official functions. It doesn’t look good. Things are also not going so well for Michael. Moe takes the opportunity to screw him over with Freddie because of the debacle that happened with Nazoli. I recommend Brotherhood, it’s another great show on Showtime.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Kath and her kids pretend that nothing is wrong with Mike. Meanwhile he is having another blackout at the breakfast table.

The mayor wants to get Tommy’s support in the election. Tommy says that his troops are busy right now. Mary Kate tells him that he needs to hold Eileen’s hands in public to pretend that they are a happy couple.

Mike goes to see what Pete is up to. Pete is working for an auto shop, restoring old cars. Bruce says that Pete is a great worker and that he could set his clock by him. Mike is surprised and happy that Pete is sober.

Declan breaks into Cassie’s house to fix her garbage disposal. She doesn’t want see him. He wants to be back with her. Before he leaves, Cassie invites him to dinner with her parents. She tells him that they are still over.

Tommy’s Irish cousin Colin turns up at the House of Representatives.

Mike has to go make things right with some gangsters. Freddie tells him to take Moe with him. Mike whacked Herbie the Jew and has to apologize to the boss. The boss wants them to hijack a truck filled with PS3s. The reason why the boss can’t have his guys do it is because they are paying him for protection.

Rose doesn’t like Colin. Colin is staying at Tommy’s place. Eileen isn’t happy about this.

Declan gets shit from Alice because Marty has shut up. Declan and Ralph go to see Marty. Marty says that he doesn’t want to hurt Tommy. Declan makes some veiled threats about Marty’s wife.

Mary Kate comes by Tommy’s place. Eileen is surprised to find that Mary Kate made dinner. Eileen doesn’t want Tommy to go on a radio show. The presenter is close to the mayor. Mary Kate and Tommy aren’t worried.

Mike and Moe are waiting for the truck. Moe beats the shit out of the truck driver and Mike tells him to drop him off at the hospital. He is about to have a heart attack.

Collin and Tommy talk. Collin asks Tommy to find him a job. Tommy has already set something up for him. Collin hits on Mona the secretary and the boss gives him a janitorial job.

During the interview the host asks him about Michael Caffee. Things get ugly and Tommy knows it was an ambush. Tommy says that Eileen was right. He decides to phone the mayor.

Collin tells Rose that he wants to be part of the family. Rose has mentioned before that she hates Collin.

Declan has dinner with Cassie’s family. She doesn’t let him back into the house after they said goodbye to her parents.

Marty retracts his testimony during the Grand Jury.

Tommy has to pledge his support to the mayor’s campaign. The mayor invites Tom to dinner.

Moe tells Mike that the driver made it to the emergency room. They get a visit from Mr. Nazoli’s goon. Nazoli isn’t happy about what happened to the driver. The driver died on the table. Moe tries to blame Mike. Nazoli tells them that each of them owes him 30K.

Collin’s boss finds Collin boning his assistant Mona. The boss comes to see Tommy. Tommy doesn’t let Jack fire Collin.

Declan and Ralph have to arrest Marty. He’s been indicted.

Tommy has a talk with Collin. He wants Collin to get his own place. Collin tells him that he was having sex with Mona. Tommy tells him to apologize to Jack when he quits. Collin mentions that he will stay if he is able to pay the rent. Collin takes a baseball bat to Jack’s shitty car.

Declan calls Cassie, but she won’t answer the phone.

Moe squeals to Freddie about Mike. Freddie tells Mike to go home. It looks like Freddie took over the bar once again. Mike checks up on Pete. Pete is gone.

Tommy takes his sister to the mayor’s dinner and not Eileen.

Eddie picks the wrong time to knock on Michael’s door. He wants Kath back. Michael invites Eddie in. He zonks out on the couch.

* * * * *

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