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While Dexter investigates another potential killer, he has to deal with the fact that he has to pretend that he has an addiction. To his surprise, he realizes that he really does have an addiction and that he has to really go to the meetings to continue seeing Rita. She makes it clear that he has to.

At the meetings, he continues to see Lila. I recognize Jaime Murray as Lila from the BBC’s Hustle. Deb is on the Bay Harbor Butcher task force and she keeps thinking about her ex-fiancée, the serial killer. She asks Lundy to get off the task force but he convinces her that her talents could be used well in this investigation. Doakes is still tailing Dexter. However Dexter finds a way of resolving things with him without really knowing it.

This was a really great episode. I enjoyed seeing how Dexter was able to resolve the situation with Doakes. Maria is still backing the new boss Esmé Pasquale, even though she had plenty of opportunities of taking back her job. Dexter also is evolving. He is starting to show emotions. Real emotions. He feels something for Rita and the kids.

This is also an important episode because the Dark Passenger was mentioned. Dexter describes the urges that make him kill as if another entity is riding him. He calls this entity the Dark Passenger. Jeff Lindsay, the writer on whose books the TV series is based, elaborated on the Dark Passenger in his latest novel Dexter in the Dark. I wonder if the TV series will develop these themes or emulate them. I prefer them to remain a part of Dexter’s sociopathy than a so-called external agent.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter goes to an AA meeting. It’s driving Dexter insane. He spots an interesting looking woman at the meeting. Rita quizzes him after his meeting. He has to admit that he didn’t stay till the end. Rita tells him that if he doesn’t work the program she won’t be there for him anymore. He tells Rita that he will go tomorrow and stay the whole meeting.

A lot families show up at the police station asking about their lost loved ones. Esmé isn’t handling the situation well. They have found 18 bodies until now.

Deb is on the task force with Batista. Dexter is sure that they won’t find any evidence on the bodies.

Dexter checks up a used car dealership in connection with the murder of two women. He wants to get the guy responsible, but there is too much heat. He just wants to lie low for now. He plans on grabbing some DNA evidence to compare with the forensic evidence on file. He buys a minivan from the suspected killer instead.

Vince puts Dexter on the Bay Harbor Butcher taskforce. Deb asks Lundy to get off the team. Vince says that most of the bodies have been in the water for different amounts of times. He takes Dex to the temporary morgue.

They were meant to remain in the silent shadows, keeping their secrets. Now they are exposed to the glare, reflecting my darkness like some grotesque carnival mirror. Harry was right, nothing stays buried, not even me.
Dexter on the bodies.

Dexter goes back to an AA meeting. To get his chip to show Rita, he has to talk to the meeting about his addiction. He says that he uses heroin. He makes up a story. The strange woman takes him to a diner. She questions his story. She talks about the need. Dexter finds it very similar to his own need to kill. His killing is an addiction. She even talks about the Dark Passenger, the inner voice that compels him to kill. He has to get out of there. He leaves.

He tries to tell Rita that he doesn’t fit in those meetings, but she won’t have it. She makes him leave.

He visits the car dealership again. He tries to collect some DNA evidence and meets the next victim. He plans on stalking the killer. He gets irrefutable evidence that Roger the carsalesman is the killer.

Esmé has completely lost focus of her job. Maria has to remind her of her duties. She doesn’t last long.

Rita tells Dexter that until he goes back to the meetings Rita and the kids are out of his life.

Deb wants off the team and confronts Lundy about it. He says that he picked her because she was engaged to a serial killer. He says that he can use what she experienced to catch another even worse killer. If she still wants out, she can leave after she finishes the interviews.

The captain asks Maria about Esmé. She sticks up for Esmé.

Doakes is still following Dexter. Dexter studied Jiu-Jitsu and was top of his class in med school. On the way home, Dexter has a talk with Lundy about killing. Lundy says that murder is justified to save an innocent life. Dexter immobilizes Doakes’ car.

Dexter goes to see Roger, the car salesman. He uses his new minivan. Dexter is amazed at how well Roger is able to lie. Roger knows that he is involved with a woman. Roger tells them that they worm their way in. He stabs Roger when he starts insulting his girlfriend.

Dexter goes to another meeting. During his speech he talks about the Dark Passenger. He says that he feels things now. He feels that is mask is slipping.

He sees Lila again at the meeting. Doakes appeared as well. It’s a perfect cover for Dexter. Doakes tells him to stay clean and out of his way and they won’t have a problem anymore. So Doakes will not be following him around anymore.

Deb finds two missing people with prison records. She says that the bodies might be of bad guys. Lundy tells her to run the DNA against the criminal databases.

Dex tells Rita about his revelation. Things are looking up for Dexter. Rita is surprised to see that Dexter’s sponsor is Lila, a hot woman. She looks worried.

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