Heroes S02E04 (NBC)

In this episode of Heroes, we discover more about the people in charge of the company. Someone is mysteriously cleaning house.

I’ve realized that Derek, the man traveling with Maya and Alejandro, has stolen Claire’s car. Just like Peter appeared out of nowhere, Silar reappears in Mexico. Coincidence? Last we saw him, he still couldn’t use his powers.

Parkman finds out something about his family and asks Molly for help with dire consequences. Micah’s aunt Monica is developing powers of her own, without really knowing what’s happening. At least Micah can explain a few things, though she has yet to share this information with her family.

This is another great episode of Heroes. The players are slowly getting together. The mystery is still not solved and I wonder where this is all going. Hiro isn’t in this episode but he is still stuck in the past. I wonder who is killing the board members of the company?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Bennet is still looking at the painting. It shows him dead, shot in the eye while Claire looks on in the arms of a boy. Bennet asks Claire about it. She denies that there is a boy in her life.

Molly screams in her sleep and the boys are worried about her. Parkman says that it’s getting worse.

Nathan goes to see his boys. He tells them that their grandma is in the hospital. A teacher tells him that he isn’t allowed to be here.

Maya, Alejandro and Derek are driving in the car. They find a man on the road. It’s Silar.

Micah isn’t settling into the Dawson house well. His cousin is an ass.

Angela Petrelli confesses to the murder of Nakamura. She wants to protect the people with abilities. That is why she confesses.

Claire gets approached by the cheerleaders at her school. They want her to join. She tells West about her dad and that he is overprotective. She agrees to a date.

Nathan is upset at Parkman about his mom’s confession. Parkman shows Petrelli the photos of his mom and Nakamura covered with the glyph. Nathan talks to his mom and she is ready to leave.

Maya talks with Silar about Dr. Suresh. Silar tells them that he knows Suresh and bring them to him. Suresh is dead, killed in the first season by Silar. Silar tells them that his name is Gabriel Gray.

Monica Dawson cuts a tomato into a flower. Her boss tells her that she isn’t qualified for the management position she wanted to get. He tells her that her home life won’t work well.

It looks to me like Derek stole Claire’s car. Claire lies to her parents and goes out with West.

Parkman and Petrelli talk about the group and the company. Parkman talks about his past and his wife. Petrelli shows him the picture and Parkman recognizes his dad. He is right next to Bob, Mohinder’s boss.

West takes Claire to the top of the Hollywood sign.

Micah helps his cousin watch the Pay Per View wrestling match. It looks like Monica is developing powers.

Parkman tells Mohinder and Molly that he has to find his father. Molly tries to find him but then tells Parkman that his father is the nightmare man. As she says this, we see the glyph in her eyes.

Nathan keeps seeing himself disfigured in the mirror.

Claire comes home. West helps her out creating a credible lie for her father. She tells her dad that she made the cheerleading squad. Bennet is upset. She tells him that it makes her happy.

Derek tells Silar that Alejandro and Maya are murderers. Maya is about to freak out and release her poisonous tears but her brother stops her. Silar realizes that they both have powers. Silar killed Derek. Bennet has to go to Odessa with the Haitian to get another painting.

Parkman and Mohinder argue about Molly. Molly overhears them and tells Parkman that she will try and find his father.

The store Monica works at is about to be robbed. Monica uses a wrestling match to knock him out. She tells her boss that she learned it on TV.

Molly finds Parkman’s father in Philadelphia, but she is trapped in her own body and in shock. She can’t respond anymore and Matt hears her silent screams in his head.

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