Life S01E04 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

In this episode, Crews continues to investigate the murders that put him in jail. He continues to look at Rachel Seybolt as a possible witness to the crimes. He finds information about her, though he can’t find her. Meanwhile he investigates another strange case with Reese. Reese actually defends her partner, which is great news for Crews. He didn’t expect that.

The ratings for Life are good, though they slipped a bit this week (-500K) compared to last week. It’s an excellent show that has a kind of off beat vibe to it. I really like how this detective show focuses on characters, like the principal character of Crews. He is a very complex guy. His stint in prison changed him a lot, though he doesn’t let everyone see this. We see more of his relationship with Constance Griffiths, the attorney who got him out of jail. There is a complex dynamic there. She wants to be with him fully, but Crews can’t commit to anything physical since he is working on his spiritual life.

Crews seems to disregard any material possessions, even though he has a lot of them since his settlement with the LAPD.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Constance comes by with the records of Rachel Seybolt for Charlie. Charlie had some fun with Tina and Gina. Constance tells him that the file was gone.

Crews is at a new murder scene. He follows his instincts and comes upon an abode. The victim was a married gay man. Crews finds a homeless guy in a tree. They find the dead man’s wedding ring on him. Reese called him her partner. Crews is happy about this.

At the interrogation, they don’t get a lot out of him. His name is Holt Eastley. He says he found the ring. Eastley says that he saw the partner kill the other one. He then threw the ring away.

Crews finds another con waiting in Griffiths’ office. He doesn’t like it.

The husband says that the things that Len loved best were stolen. The murderers left all of the expensive things. The neighbors say that the couple was happy. They heard the security guard making hateful remarks about the gay couple. A neighbor says that her husband Drew was having an affair with Len.

James says that it is possible that Len was having an affair. He denies knowing about it.

Crews decides to help Easley. He doesn’t believe that the old guy is guilty of anything.

Drew is at the station to answer some questions. He denies being gay and killing anybody. They come back and find that Easley set the motel room on fire.

Earley wants to run the bar that Crews plans to open. They get Easley to the grand jury. Reese gets a call from the techs. They say that Easley’s prints were all over the house.

Easley says that he can prove what he says. He tells them where he buried some stuff that he found. They find love letters signed by Drew and a gun. Drew admits to writing the letters. He says that he wrote them for his wife. Reese and Crews think that Stephanie and James are trying to frame Drew.

They bring James and Stephanie in. They play a bluff on both parties. That way they hope that one of them will fold. Stephanie’s prenuptial agreement states that she gets nothing unless he gives her cause for divorce. In that case, she gets a lot. The same was true for James. In the case of his husband’s death, he would get everything. Stephanie says that she gave the gun to James. He shot Len.

Crews pays Ames another visit. It’s about the daughter. He tells him that she was there and that the bed was unmade. Rachel was in the house. Ames doesn’t say a word. He took Rachel’s file that Ames had taken from Child Services. There isn’t much in it.

Crews comes by to see Griffiths and tells her to drop Neil Cutty as a client. Constance is head over heels in love with Crews. She gives him a choice. He says that he can’t do what she wants.

Easely has left Charlie’s house. Charlie is looking at Rachel Seybolt’s case file. He finds some art therapy with disturbing drawings in it. It’s obvious that Rachel saw the killer.

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