Pushing Daisies S01E03 (ABC)

In this episode of Pushing Daisies, Olive discovers more about Chuck. Ned, Emerson and Chuck have to revist her resurrection by Ned.

Things get kind of crazy when Louis Schatz, Laurence Schatz’s brother, the guy who was going to bury Chuck’s body, hires Emerson to investigate the death of his twin brother. Chuck also finds out the truth behind her coming back. That someone else’s life would be forfeit. That life was the grave robbing life of Laurence Schatz.

I really don’t like the dialog in this show. It reminds me of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or the West Wing. Really quick and forcing itself to be witty, when it isn’t. Chuck continues to meddle in things and Emerson isn’t happy.

I continue to dislike this show. Ratings continued to fall this week. It’s at 9.86 million for this week, down about 500K from last week. The show was #2 in it’s timeslot and #5 for the night.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

We see a young Ned experimenting with his powers.

At the Pie Hole, Chuck kisses Ned using a Saran Wrap. Emerson tells Ned that he wants to see him alone. Chuck shows up anyways. Schatz is a fat funeral home director. He died so that Chuck has to live. Emerson did this on purpose. He tells Chuck about this. Louis Schatz hired Emerson to find out who killed Laurence Schatz. Louis wants to find the loot that Laurence stole from the bodies he buried. Chuck tells Ned that she wants to talk with Laurence. They talk with Louis, Laurence’s twin. He stole things and buried them. Louis wants to find it to give it back to the families. Ned touches Laurence. Chucks shuts the lid after he admits to stealing her watch off her dead body. Ned has to work hard to open up the coffin. He manages at the last second. Chuck wants to see her aunts, who stopped their world tour. Laurence mentions that Louis stole the loot with him.

Chuck bakes a pie for her aunts and doses it with herbal antidepressants that she got from Alfredo.

The next day they find Louis in the Pie Hole’s freezer. They call Emerson. The police are at their door. Emerson tells them that they are being set up. Ned touches Louis and they move him to Emerson’s waiting Caddy. They ask him about the loot and who killed him. Chuck figures out that Wilfred Woodruff killed Louis. Ned finds Wilfred lying in the funeral home. They fight it out. Woodruff saw the pie maker leave the scene of Laurence’s demise. Ned is able to defeat Woodruff. They find the loot at the funeral home.

Olive delivers the pie. She meets the aunts and figures out that Chuck is their niece. She knows that Chuck faked her death.

* * * * *

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