Reaper S01E04 (CW)

Sam is running into trouble again with the Devil. Working for Satan has never been fun. It’s hampering his social life and Sam isn’t really getting forward in his relationship with Andy.

In this episode, the escaped soul is a magician. Sam has to find out more about him. He only gets a few hints from the Devil. At the same time, Sam wants to see the contract that sold his soul to the Devil. It’s harder to find that he thought. Sock gets them all in trouble at the Work Bench again.

Reaper is more of a teen drama than Chuck. Between the two, Chuck is definitely more enjoyable to watch. This episode was alright. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it didn’t suck either.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sam is having problems. He makes his keys and wallet disappear. At work he imagines that a customer stabs him. Andy wants to go to a Flaming Lips concert in Idaho. She wants to go with the whole gang. Sock rides some paint cans on the paint can mixer. He gets them all into trouble. Ted punishes them for the wasted paint cans.

They get a new vessel from the devil. It seems alive. The Devil comes by and he takes him away. Bellifiore is the name of the soul that escaped.

The open the box and find a dove in the box. They find out that Enrico Bellifiore was a magician in the 20s. He was hanged for murder.

Andy tells Sam that she only could get two tickets and that they should go together. Sam finds a clue to the location of the soul by connecting the apples that were next to Bellifiore’s first victim. It leads them to a fair were Dash Ariell is performing with a sword that looks similar to the one used by Bellifiore.

Ben asks a good question about the contract that his parents signed. He asks his mom. It takes a while but she finds it. It has fallen apart. That same day, his car disappears. He talks with the Devil and Satan thinks that he needs incentive. The Devil goes to see Andy at the Work Bench. Ted tells them that a guy was by to see Andy. He gave her some tickets for the magic show.

Sam rushes to the magic show. He gets called out by Ariell. He takes the sword away from him. Sam figures out that the bird involves a magic trick and they capture Ariell after he runs after Sam.

Sam messes things up with Andy. The Devil talks with Sam in the bar. Sam asks for his contract and the Devil agrees. The Devil thinks that Andy is into him.

* * * * *

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