Big Shots S01E02 (ABC)

I had to check just to make sure.

Sure that Big Shots wasn’t written, created and produced by the same people behind Desperate Housewives. The resemblance to that soap opera is uncanny. Just because the target audience is composed mostly of 18-49 year old males means that Big Shots is called a drama…

To make matters worse, ABC has got another similar drama that premiered recently. It’s called Dirty Sexy Money and I can’t be bothered by watching it anymore. Two episodes were enough for my brain.

I find the whole situation with Karl really stupid. Let me explain. He’s got a wife he’s cheating on with this crazy mistress Marla. He’s trying to get rid of her and she starts meddling in his marriage by befriending his wife Wendy. At the same time Marla wants to go to couple’s counseling with Karl. That’s totally mental and dreary in my opinion.

James learns something really surprising about his wife. It’s enough to make him question his marriage. Duncan’s troubles with the tranny hooker aren’t anywhere near resolved. It just gets worse and worse. Brody continues to be the man in the troupe that resolves the others problems, because he works in crisis management.

This show isn’t all bad, it’s a lot better than Dirty Sexy Money. As I also got bored by Desperate Housewives midway in the second season, I’m sure that this show has the same sort of mental shelf life.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Brody is on the way back home to see his wife on sex night.

Karl is made to go to couple’s counseling with his mistress as well with his wife. During counseling Marla thinks that they should stop seeing each other and Karl agrees. His mistress turns up at his home. She has become best friends with his wife. She is crying about being dumped by her boyfriend Karl Kyle.

James is still dodging calls from his wife Stacey. She had an affair with his boss, who died. Stacey shows up at work. He decides to give her another chance. When he comes by he finds out that his boss was murdered. He gets questioned by the cops. He should seek representation.

Duncan gets a visit from his tranny friend. He thinks that he can get things fixed without Brody’s help. Duncan ends up in bed with the reporter. He thinks that this will fix his problem. He is wrong.

Brody tells his mates that his wife Janelle wants to spice it up during sex night. Duncan shows up with his tranny and has to talk with Brody. Brody has to deal with the situation. The puff piece that he thought he was getting is actually an exposé. The tranny taped the meeting she had with Duncan.

James comes to talk with Brody about his problems with the police.

Karl has to compete with his ex-mistress to spend time with his wife.

Duncan meets his ex-wife. He finds out that Elizabeth is dating Terrence. He hates him and is a corporate raider. Duncan meets Brody and they get into the reporter’s apartment to steal the tape. The reporter comes by naturally and Duncan has sex with her. Brody is hiding underneath the bed. They find out that the reporter is getting a lot of money, possibly from someone who hates him.

Wendy wants to have Marla in couple’s counseling. Later he threatens to tell Wendy about the affair.

Stacey is getting questioned by the cops. James overhears. He learns that his boss’ wife found out about the affair. He filed for divorce before dying. The boss’ wife confessed to the murder.

Duncan has a meeting with Terrance. In exchange for the tape and staying away from Elizabeth, Duncan will let Terrance have Jailbait, the company that they are both trying to acquire.

James tells Stacey that it won’t work and that they are getting a divorce. She admitted to loving his boss to the detective. James overheard this. He can’t get past this and decides to leave.

Dantrell gets arrested and the cops get his little black book. Duncan’s problems aren’t over.

* * * * *

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