Moonlight S01E04 (CBS)

As much as some critics hate Moonlight, I honestly don’t mind that show. I rarely wait before watching it and it’s got an interesting supernatural element that’s not too overplayed like the show Supernatural.

The original short pilot presentation (not the aired version) was panned by critics and focus groups alike. The Futon Critic gave this short pilot a scathing review, rating it only one star out of four, and also suggested that another CBS pilot, Babylon Fields, deserved to be picked up over Moonlight. The review further hoped that the pilot would be reshot, which it was after the cast and crew changes noted above.

The pilot itself was met with mixed reviews, with nearly all citing the writing as the weak link of the series, and Jason Dohring as the strongest.

In this episode, Mick runs into trouble while trying to save a witness from an arms dealer. He is stuck in the desert sun without his freezer and things go bad. His is about to loose control of his thirst.

I really liked this episode. I think that the episodes are getting a lot better as the show matures. Critics cited the writing as the weak part in this series. I did find the second episode weak, but this one was pretty cool. I enjoyed seeing the helicopter with the missiles going after Mick. I can now recommend Moonlight as good fun.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mick is in a pickle. He is sleeping in a bathtub in a sleazy motel. The water is filled with ice cubes. We see him drink from Beth’s neck.

21 hours earlier, Mick is in his loft watching Buzzwire and drinking blood. The story is about an arms dealer on trial. Two cops are babysitting a witness in this case. The safe house apartment gets attacked by an assassin. The witness makes it away from the killer.

Beth and Josh come over to see Mick. Josh wants to hire him to find the witness. The witness is Lenny. She was the nanny of the billionaire. She saw the arms dealer kill one of his guys.

Mick is at the scene helping out Josh. He follows her trail to one of the killed cop’s car. Beth has a researcher tap into the Lowjack system to find the trail of the SUV of the cop. They find it and it leads to a house. It’s Jack Tollen’s house, the guy that the arms dealer Fayed killed. Lenny was involved with Jack.

Mick finds a telephone bill from a cabin. He finds out when Lenny will arrive and waits for her. She pulls a gun and shoots him. He heals fast. He buys her lunch. He finds out from the twin heartbeats in her that she is pregnant with Tollen’s baby.

Josh finds out that one of the cops who died was dirty and called Fayed. Mick calls Beth. Beth hands Josh the phone. He says that local cops will be there to escort them in an hour.

Beth talks with Mara, Fayed’s daughter. Mara says that Lenny is safe. Lenny called her last night. So Officer Colden didn’t call her last night, Lenny did.

The assassin is posing as a cop. He is already waiting to see Mick. He talks with Mick but Mick finds something wrong with him and leaves. They steal his car. They are followed by a helicopter equipped with stinger missiles. They make it out in time and the bad guys think that they are dead after the car explodes. Mick is stuck in the desert sun. He has trouble with the sun.

Josh tells Beth that Mick and Lenny are dead. Beth tells Josh that he still has a leak on his team, since Mick only talked to her and Josh. Beth goes home to cry.

Mick knows that he won’t be able to stop himself feeding on Lenny if he needs to. He tells her to find ice. He tells her to phone Beth and only Beth. She has to ask her to come here.

Lenny comes to tell Mick that she has been able to talk with Beth. He fantasizes about drinking Lenny’s blood.

Josh tells his team that Beth has spoken to Lenny and Mick. Josh has the two members of his team observed. He finds the leak, but not until he has time to tell his masters. .

Beth comes by and offers her blood to Mick. The killer finds Beth’s car. He grabs Beth but Mick is feeling better and takes him out.

In her bed, Beth is thinking about Mick. She comes by to see him late at night. Mick realizes that being near him puts Beth in danger. It has to stop.

* * * * *

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