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Tell Me You Love Me has already been picked up for another season by HBO. The big controversy about this show is the sexual explicit scenes between the couples. If you don’t really make a big deal out of it, it doesn’t really matter. The show is shot almost in Dogma95 style, so it’s normal to see every aspect of the couples’ lives.

There was also some more controversy about the sex scenes. If you haven’t watched the show, they are extremely realistic. A director floated the idea of having real sex scenes and Patricia Rozema immediately said that he wasn’t interested in that. The sex scenes are simulated.

Dave and Katie continue therapy. Jaime continues as well. Palek and Carolyn want to stop it. They still have to come to terms with not being able to have children. They have been trying to have a child for the last year. Carolyn learns something disturbing about Palek. I wonder if they will try fertility treatments next.

I enjoy watching how the couples’ lives intersect from time to time. I still can’t shake the Pedro Almodovar vibe. But that isn’t bad. It’s actually very good. Tell Me You Love Me is one of the best shows on TV right now.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

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Dave and Katie are going to therapy during Dave’s lunch break. The new lock on their bedroom door is brought up as well as their make-out session. Dave brings up that he their problem with sex. Things get ugly when they talk about sex. Sex shouldn’t be the measure by which their marriage is failing. Later they walk out and they behave curtly to each other.

Jaime gets a visit from Anja’s ex. He says that he can’t stop thinking about her. They start making out. They have sex.

Carolyn and Palek want to stop therapy. May thinks that they should continue, but they are adamant. She gives them some parting advice. Carolyn has decided to stop trying to get pregnant. After they leave both of them think that it’s weird. Palek wants to take Carolyn out for a date. Carolyn has go to work.

Dave and Katie are talking about their therapy session during dinner. Dave says that he warned Katie about it. The kids hear them arguing and excuse themselves.

Carolyn and Palek have some friends over with kids. They see what it’s like to have kids. It’s pretty bad. They run around and climb on the furniture. Later they talk about having kids. Palek tells Carolyn that he didn’t think he wanted kids. Carolyn doesn’t like that comment. She leaves. She comes back later. She says that she was driving around. Palek tells her that he wants to put the house on the market. He says that he hates the house. They have only been there a year. He says that he meant what he said about not having kids. Carolyn says that she knows. She doesn’t know if she can live with that.

Dave gets up in the middle of the night when he hears a noise in his house. He drinks a beer. Katie is talking about her friend Rita’s husband’s internet porn habits. Rita says that every morning she has to erase the internet history. Katie says that the therapist told them not to have sex. She says that they had a big fight with Dave.

May and Arthur are making love. Afterwards they talk about Dave and Katie and their lack of sex.

Carolyn talks with her boss. Carolyn was on the way to make partner. Her whole obsession with pregnancy got her off track. Her boss tells her to wait a few months, she’s not there yet. This happened because Carolyn blabbed about it to the lunch lady. Carolyn mutters something under her breath while she leaves her boss’ office. The boss heard it. Carolyn is pissed at the whole thing.

Jaime and her friend are talking about her new boyfriend.

Katie is working at home on some T-shirts. She looks through her internet history and doesn’t find any porn sites. She researches MILF. It came up during her conversation with Rita. She doesn’t know how to erase the file history.

Nicky brings Jaime to meet his parents. Jaime feels awkward. She hides in the toilet. She tells Nicky and he looks upset. She goes to therapy to admit that she slept with Nick to keep him away from his ex-girlfriend. Dr. Foster says that she wants intimacy not sex.

Dave and Katie are going home with the kids. They go to bed.

After seeing Jaime, May meets with John. They talk about what they had. May says that Arthur has asked her to make a choice again.

Carolyn and Palek get high on weed. They make love.

Jaime talks with Nick about their relationship. She confesses to things that she talked about in therapy. Jaime goes with Mason to see Palek’s open house. She asks her sister why she is selling the house. Jaime explores the house. Carolyn finds her in the bedroom. Carolyn asks her what the tattoo on her wrist means. She says it means heal.

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