Californication S01E11 (Showtime)

It’s another great episode of Californication as Hank finds his novella in Mia’s grasping hands. The trouble is that he can’t do anything about it, because if he does she will tell that he abused her. It’s not looking good for Hank.

Becca makes a surprising announcement and things are pretty bad for Hank. He still looks at things with a smile and manages to get through them, now that he has some form of a support system in place. Still he is pissed at Mia and I wonder what he will do in the next few episodes to clear up that situation. Hank was in desperate need of some new writing. He had lost his muse. He had writer’s block. Now that he wrote something really good, it’s been stolen.

I really liked this episode and I wonder what will happen in the season finale. Will he be able to resolve this with Mia in some manner, or will she take credit for his writing?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Karen is getting fitted for her wedding dress. Becca tells her mom that she wants to live with Hank. Charlie tells Hank that Mia is a great writer. He is even reading the manuscript in front of Hank, but Hank doesn’t notice that it’s his. He only notices when Charlie reads it to him that the manuscript is his. He takes it and immediately heads to see Mia.

He doesn’t find Mia but he finds a pissed off Karen. Later she talks with Bill.

He finds Mia in a meeting with Dani and Charlie. They are meeting Victoria a literary promoter from New York. They blow him off. Hank waits for Mia. Mia denies that she stole his novella. Mia blackmails Hank into keeping the novella. She slept with him and she is a minor. She says that she covered her tracks when she rewrote his novella.

It looks like Dani is taking over Charlie’s agency. The way that Dani is acting has put Charlie on a few clues about the book. He takes the time to read it again.

Becca and Mia are talking while Becca packs. Becca says that her dad is at rock bottom. Hank cleans up his place for the arrival of his daughter. Charlie comes by and tells him that he loved his new novel. They discuss on what to do. Hank says that he can’t do anything because he doesn’t know what Mia will do in retaliation.

Becca comes by with her mom to move in. She talks with her dad about his depression. He says that he isn’t that bad.

Karen is sleepless in her bed and tries to talk with Bill, but he is not waking. She takes her car to see Becca. She goes into Hank’s apartment to look at her daughter. She looks at Hank and switches off the lights.

* * * * *

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