Secret Diary Of Call Girl S01E01 (ITV)

Billie Piper stars as Belle de Jour, a call girl from London. This show is based on the blog of Belle de Jour. She has written two books about her life and had been a contributing writer of the Telegraph until 2006. ITV has ordered a total of 8 episodes of this show.

The show was critizised for glamorizing prostitution. The show features some nudity and references to sex. I found it alright. I wasn’t too impressed. I expected Billie Piper’s new project to be good. I also expected the show based on the blog to be more edgy and gritty. Instead it’s happy and nice. I can’t recommend it yet. Maybe in a few episodes. Still it’s the first TV show I’ve seen based on a blog, so it’s worth a gander.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The show starts with Hannah a call girl explaining that she loves sex and money. She also loves being her own boss. She has an “agent” who finds her bookings.

She keeps her two lives separate. Personal and professional. She tells everyone that she is a secretary for one of those expensive law firms who need overnight staff.

After she meets Daniel and isn’t able to satisfy him, she meets with her agent. The older woman is running four girls and takes 40% of their cut. She makes sure that she gets Daniel again. Daniel is after the girl next door, without make-up and hair. They have sex and she tells him her name when he massages her back. It looks like she broke her own rules.

She tells Stephanie her agent to no longer book Daniel for her.

* * * * *

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