Tim Again

Tim was looking pretty happy today. He kept saying

I like you…

Replace the three little dots with my name. He’s a really good kid, but he sometimes spaces out and doesn’t pay attention. He’s a bit of a clown and likes to make other kids laugh, which doesn’t sit well with his Taiwanese teacher.

Today Tim wasn’t being bad. He was just being himself. Eva was crying because she was playing with something in her hands and I had to take it away. I told her she would get it back after class, but she was just being a crybaby. I find that ignoring kids who try desperately to get attention is the best way to make them stop.

When Tim took his chair back to his place too slowly, the Taiwanese teacher knew that she would act. He was kind of making a game of it and everyone was waiting for him, but it wasn’t that bad. I would have just told him to hurry, which I did. But that wasn’t enough for the Taiwanese teacher. She took him and threw him violently against her desk. She sat down and took a wooden ruler. She grasped his hand tightly and told him to open his hand. He did so and started crying in anticipation of the pain. He opened his hand and she started hitting it with her ruler. She beat his hand really hard. He was crying. He closed his hands, but she told him to open it up again. He did and was crying in pain. She continued to whack him for another 30 seconds and then pushed him to the back. She told him to stand. He was crying really loud.

The disturbing thing was that his slight wasn’t really big. It was really small and I believe that the stress of the Halloween party was getting to the teacher. However this doesn’t justify this level of abuse. In fact, nothing justifies abusing little kids.

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