Chuck S01E05 (NBC)

Chuck is trying to juggle his new spy life with his personal life and getting into trouble on the homefront. Ellie isn’t happy about no longer being the exclusive girl in Chuck’s life. I think it’s about time that the guy met other people.

Morgan is in trouble at the BuyMore and thinks he will get fired. Chuck is busy with a Chinese intelligence operation. Morgan is a bit like the third wheel at all times. He doesn’t really fit anymore in Chuck’s new life. I find the character annoying at best. I wouldn’t mind him written out. The studio execs probably think that they need him for comic relief, but we could all do without him. I find the Nerd Herd crew at the BuyMore a lot funnier than Morgan.

Reaper has got a similar character in Sock, but at least he’s entertaining and he plays a bigger part in the series. I liked this episode. It was interesting to see some Chinese spies. The action was fun and it’s cool to see that Chuck isn’t useless during the operations. I still recommend Chuck.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Morgan has planned an evening with Morgan with Chuck and Sarah. We see a Chinese diplomat getting kidnapped by the same restaurant that Morgan plans on going to, Bamboo and Dragon.

At the restaurant, Chuck uses his intersect abilities inadvertently to spot a Chinese intelligence agent. Casey makes Chuck read the agent’s file twice. He is late for dinner with Ellie and Morgan. His sister isn’t too happy about this.

There is a sales competition at the BuyMore and Morgan needs help. Chuck is in a bind. He has a stakeout that evening and the next evening, he has plans with his sister.

They see a Chinese American who owns most of downtown near the restaurant. Mei Ling follows him. They follow her. The intersect reveals to Chuck that Mei Ling is there to kill the Chinese real estate owner for the Chinese.

Sarah and Casey intervene and stop Mei Ling from killing the old guy. Chuck helps him escape and sees that they throw a guy all tied up into the trunk. Mei Ling comes out shooting. Mei Ling tells Chuck that she was trying to rescue her brother from the old guy, who is a triad boss.

Chuck wants to help Mei Ling but Washington is not going to get involved. Mei Ling is a rogue agent on this and they will not interfere. Mei Ling phones Chuck at the BuyMore and uses threats to get his help. He wanted to help and this is the perfect excuse to do so. Casey and Sarah tell him that the only way to help Mei Ling is if she agrees to defect.

Mei Ling comes by to take Chuck hostage. Casey and Sarah come with guns and there is a standoff. They agree to help out Mei Ling if she defects.

Chuck once more knows a lot about security systems and has to go on the mission as well. The spies make their entry and Chuck stays in the van. Midway through, the team walks into a trap and they are surrounded. They take them to the Bamboo Dragon. Chuck follows them there.

Thanks to Morgan, he knows how to get in. However he misses his mother’s day dinner with his sister Ellie. Morgan shows up and they talk.

Chuck plants some fireworks in the bad guys’ truck. He uses it as a distraction to save his buddies. They save the Chinese agents.

Morgan gets saved at the last moment by Ellie. Big Mike tells Morgan that it was all just for show. No one will get fired.

* * * * *

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