City Homicide S01E10 (Channel 7 AUS)

Duncan is still on the force, even though Jarvis wants him gone. Wolfie is trying to arrange something, but doesn’t have any leverage. The case involves a family of Iraqis. The father has disappeared and the youngest son was pursued by federal immigration officers and run over by a truck.

This episode shows how Australia deals with Middle Eastern illegals. The most common depiction in the media is what Americans do, since most of the cop shows are American. It’s interesting to see what Australia does. Naturally, it’s just a drama, but I feel that shows from different countries always have a good measure of truth in them. That is why the shows from the UK and Australia differ so much from the ones produced in the US.

As usual, the cinematography is top notch and the acting for the minor female parts (Selma Al Basri) was good. It doesn’t paint a nice picture of the immigration cops, but it was still a good show. I enjoyed it a lot and I recommend it. The cases seem to be inspired by real ones, just like some episodes of Law and Order.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Immigration officers turn up at an Iraqi family’s home to serve a detention order. There is a chase and one of them gets run over by a van.

The crew investigates. They have to find out if the deportation officers pushed one of the Iraqis.

Joiner notices something about the photos in the Iraqi family’s home. The father was a one armed man. Duncan receives the image and tells Wolfie. Wolfie tells the Federal police superintendent that Waleed is in the morgue. The superintendent tells them that Waleed was working undercover for the federal police.

Waleed was spying on an imam who is inciting hate in his community. In exchange he got permanent residency for his family.

Ryan asks one of the federal cops why they didn’t pick up on the Waleed body find. It was all over the papers. He replies that they didn’t miss it and points out that the family didn’t come forward either.

Duncan gets to interview a walk in. He tells him a tale about a bomb outside a front door ten years ago.

Mapplethorpe asks the sister questions about the imam. She tells them that she was in detention for two years. She isn’t happy about what happened to her father or her brother. Selma says that she won’t say anything without seeing her brother’s body first.

Wolfie tries to clean up Duncan’s mess with Jarvis. Duncan tells Wolfie about the parcel bomb. The victim was Doreen Gilaard. Her husband is in jail for her murder. Wolfie tells Freeman that he is on desk duty and knows it, but that he can’t tell him where to eat his lunch.

Selma sees her brother and then asks to see her father, against the coroner’s recommendation. Judith Welling is an immigration officer. She waits outside for Selma. She informs Selma to seek her as a representation. She does and gets an excellent lawyer.

Selma asks for permanent residency in exchange for the information she knows.

Wolfie and the federal police superintendent go to see the imam. The imam says that mutilating a dead body is against the ways of Islam.

Duncan investigates his cold case. He meets Renee. He tells her that the box was meant for her door, not the Gilaards. She says that at the time she was dating two men at the same time and was pregnant by one of them. She didn’t know which one for sure. She gives Duncan a name.

Judith comes through for Selma. She gets permanent residency for her family. She tells them that her brother had been going to see the imam’s assistants. They go to see them and nab him on his way out of the back door. Selma tells them that the only way that he will believe that their father is dead is to see the body. Kahsim points them to Mohammed Rahim, the other assistant of the imam. Waleed told his son that he was spying on the imam. Kahsim told Mohammed and he killed Waleed.

Mark Alice comes in to see Duncan. He says that he knew the baby was his. He was cut out of the baby’s life when she decided to be with her other boyfriend. He meant to scare her with the explosive package.

Wolfie is happy to find out that Jarvis was part of the investigation that put Clive Gilaard in prison. Wolfie uses this as leverage to get Freeman out of prison.

Bernice wonders who called Welling on the case, but asks nothing more. It was Wolfie of course.

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