Secret Diary Of A Call Girl S01E02 (ITV)

Billie Piper stars as Belle de Jour, a call girl from London. This show is based on the blog of Belle de Jour. She has written two books about her life and had been a contributing writer of the Telegraph until 2006. ITV has ordered a total of 8 episodes of this show.

I’ve seen a total of four episodes. I was intrigued to learn that they had turned the blog into a show. The format is a half hour show on ITV 2. In the UK, Billie Piper is probably best known as a pop singer and the companion of Doctor Who. I found it funny how she dumped her “date” at the adult party. She cited “personal reasons” and excused herself. The show still remains intriguing but not particularly great.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Belle is invited to the most prestigious adult party in London. Her John wants every man to want her. Then have sex with her later at home.

She meets Neil Birks a famous author. Before anything can happen, her client fetches her. While the client is occupied, she starts having a threesome with Neil. She concocts a plan to get away from her client: “personal reasons”. She actually gets a few personal phone calls and has to excuse herself from the scheduled threesome. Family emergency.

Her sister had a baby. Her sister is a bit bitchy towards Hannah. Hannah was late to come to the hospital. Hannah comes home, strips and reads Birk’s book. There is a nice shot of her bum.

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