Secret Diary Of A Call Girl S01E04 (ITV)

Billie Piper stars as Belle de Jour, a call girl from London. This show is based on the blog of Belle de Jour. She has written two books about her life and had been a contributing writer of the Telegraph until 2006. ITV has ordered a total of 8 episodes of this show.

The show is about Belle/Hannah, a call-girl. An expensive hooker. It’s based on a blog, so it’s interesting from that point of view. In this episode, we see how she deals with a conflicting personal life. None of her friends know that she is a prostitute. Hannah has got a strange relationship with her best mate Ben. They kind of hang around together, but I get the feeling that there is more going on. It doesn’t look like Hannah lets herself have any real couple relationships. Her only relationships are of a physical kind with her clients. She doesn’t have the intimacy and the trust that is intrinsic with such relationships. I wonder how she deals with that. It’s sad to see that this isn’t explored in this series. The series has been criticized for glamorizing prostitution.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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This episode’s topic is pain as pleasure. She sleeps with her accountant. He wants to get more pain. This makes Belle think about BDSM.

Ben tells Hannah that he proposed to Vanessa. They are getting married next year. He proposed two months ago and didn’t tell her. Hannah is upset and cuts Ben out of her life for a little while. He tells her that she is so secretive that he didn’t really want to tell her. Ben and Hannah have a strange relationship. It’s more than just friends. You get the feeling that they want to be together, which is why Hannah is so upset.

Belle tells Stephanie that she wants to try out as a dominatrix. Steph gives her Serona’s card, a dominatrix. She comes by to show Belle how it’s done. It’s kind of funny to watch her get an introduction into BDSM. Serona tells her that she doesn’t have sex with her clients. She’s a married woman.

Hannah redecorates her apartment for her accountant. By my estimate, she spent more money that she will ever make out of him. She runs out of ideas and calls Serona. She tells her to make him lick the toilet and the kitchen.

After calling Ben, she looses control and beats her accountant with all of the implements she bought. He screams out the code word and Belle realizes that she needed to stop.

Later she talks with Ben. He tells her that she is being very secretive about her life. She says that she is a private person. After she leaves, she sends him an SMS that links to her escort profile online.

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