Survivor China S15E06 (CBS)

PG is still planning on throwing the next immunity challenge to get rid of James.

Todd tells Amanda about the idol. He still hasn’t found it yet. He didn’t want to tell anybody, but he can’t find it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

During the reward challenge, PG makes a point of telling Sherea that they are still with them. She tells Sherea that they threw the challenge for them. Fei Long smokes Zhang Hu’s asses and kidnap James to a Chinese tea house.

The anorexic girl is staying far away from Jean-Robert. Twiggy Courtney is commenting about it while James scrubs himself nakedly clean. The girls like seeing that, including anorexic Courtney.

The mood is completely different at the Zhang Hu’s tribe. Eric is tired of loosing and the girls worry about Frosti in the other tribe.

Todd talks with James and wants to get the tube. He tells James that he can save him. When Todd reads the last clue, he figures out what it is. There is some strange maneuvering at the tile and Todd finally gets the immunity idol. Todd comes up a plan to help out James. He puts it out very plainly for James. James is pretty happy.

Todd tells Courtney and Denise about the hidden immunity idol. Todd gave the idol to James.

The immunity challenge involved eating some disgusting Chinese cuisine. Frosti, Denise, Courtney and Amanda are competing for Fei Long. Denise can’t swallow the chicken fetus. James wins the run that he wanted to throw. Zhang Hu wins immunity, much to the surprise of Todd and Fei Long. Fei Long decides to get rid of Sherea. However, Courtney likes Sherea. Courtney tells Sherea the plan to vote her out. Courtney says that she wants to vote for Jean-Robert.

Amanda tells Courtney that she has to look at the bigger picture. Later Amanda and Todd are talking. They aren’t sure who to vote for. Jean-Robert is feeling threatened.

During tribal council, Sherea and Courtney gang up on Jean-Robert. Courtney thinks that she is on the outs of her tribe. Todd is upset about her comment. Anorexia needs some food, ‘cause she is going to die of hunger soon.

Sherea is voted off.

* * * * *

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