Heroes S02E05 (NBC)

Hiro is still in the past helping out Kasei. Ando is trying to find out what happened to him.

Suresh is getting more and more entrenched in the company. Parkman and Petrelli head off to see his father in Philadelphia.

Suresh is surprised to see Nikki at a company facility. Petrelli and Parkman run into some trouble while talking with Parkman’s dad. Bennet is in the Ukraine with the Haitian. Suresh makes a fatal mistake in trusting the company more than he should.

Peter isn’t recovering his memory, but Kristin Bell makes her first appearance in Heroes as a hunter. She is looking to find Peter, but is recalled before she can do more damage. She has lightning powers.

Another great episode from Heroes. The show has a lot of time to build up dramatic momentum. We can only see glimpses of the main storyline, but nothing more. As the season progresses, more will be revealed.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Molly has still not woken up. Parkman wants to back out of seeing his dad, but Suresh won’t let him.

Monica doesn’t say anything about the gangbanger to the police. It’s too dangerous.

Peter is trying to forget his past, but his new friend Kaitlin wants him to find out who he is.

Kristen Bell makes her first appearance. She works for the company and has found Peter’s trace again. She has electrical powers. Peter is made aware of this by the dockworkers. Kaitlin’s brother wants to take care of the American blonde girl.

Monica is worried. She feels her body changing and doing things that she doesn’t understand.

Parkman hooks up with Nathan Petrelli and they go to Philadelphia. Parkman’s father says that he is marked for death as well. He has some strange obfuscation powers. Parkman tries to read his dad’s mind but can’t. There is something protecting him from telepathy. He came together with the others with powers. He wants to show Parkman something in the other room and things go wrong. He imprisons Parkman in a strange dream. He does the same for Petrelli.

Suresh is worried about Molly. He calls Bennet, who is in Ukraine. He wants to bring Molly to the company, but Bennet warns him against that.

Ando is trying to get the more damaged scrolls repaired. He tells Ando that all is proceeding according to plan. Kasei and Yaeko are getting together and that they are doing all of the adventures that they are supposed.

Micah tells Monica about his powers and DL’s powers. He thinks that Monica is a muscle mimic, that she can copy whatever she sees. They go test out her powers.

Suresh brings Molly to the company. They send Suresh into the field. He sees Jessica trying to kill his boss.

Peter arrives at Kaitlin’s flat and decides to open the box. He doesn’t find anything relevant really. He sees that Kaitlin paints and sees something on the blank canvas. He starts to paint using Isaac’s powers.

The American girl is torturing Kaitlin’s brother.

Suresh is trying to free Nikki, but she wants to stay and get cured.

Nathan and Parkman are fighting each other trapped in nightmares. Before killing each other, Parkman is able to wake Nathan and himself. He says now he knows why Molly calls his dad the nightmare man. They think that Bob is next on the list so they go back to New York.

Ando is reading about Hiro’s fight with White Beard. They have to fight a whole army.

Suresh turns up at Monica’s place. She was next on his list.

The American girl has minders who aren’t too happy with her. She gets called back to base. She is the daughter of someone high up in the company, maybe Bob. She says that she had to kill Kaitlin’s brother.

Peter has painted a church. The street names are in French and Kaitlin surmises that it’s in Montreal. I agree, it’s on the corner of Saint-Laurent and St-Jacques streets. Kaitlin gets a call that her brother was killed. Peter tells her that it was his fault.

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