Prison Break S03E05 (Fox)

Prison Break is back after its short break. The last few episodes were quite dramatic. Dr. Sara Tancredi, daughter of a governor, was killed by the company as retaliation for Linc’s failed rescue attempt. Linc has still not told his brother Mike about Sara.

Mike’s plan is slowly maturing, but he is still missing key elements to make the escape. It’s a lot of pressure and the players don’t trust each other at all. A new face appears in the prison and knows things about Whistler.

We have yet to see Pad Man. The escape will happen during the next episode, since I’ve noticed that each episode focuses on a day. Things just keep going wrong for Scofield.

T-Bag thinks that since he owns Mahone he can get himself entrenched into the escape. On top of that, he helped Scofield get access to Lechero’s cell phone in the past.

I liked this episode. It was gripping, like all the other episodes. I just wonder what will happen when they finally do make their escape out of prison. What will Scofield’s reaction be when he finds out that Sara is dead?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Scofield is baiting rats from his new cell window. The Panamanian army chaps see the movement and take a potshot at the rat. It explodes. Things aren’t looking well for their escape.

Mahone is trying to talk with Scofield. A new person gets put into Sona. He gets roughed up by Lechero’s second in command. He knows Whistler and he’s French. He gets called to visit his brother Linc. He tells him that they will break out tomorrow during the day. There is no way that they can break out at night because military jeeps patrol the outskirts of Sona and there is no way of knowing where they are.

Scofield needs some binoculars and watches. He tells Whistler that they are leaving tomorrow. He tells Whistler his plan. He says that they need to get to know the guards in order to find their weaknesses.

Linc has to setup an escape plan. They have 34 hours left. Sucre gets approached by a gangster who wants to get something into the prison. He gets 5 grand to get something into the prison.

Bellick makes a move to befriend the new guy. He’s looking at Scofield a lot.

Lechero wants to know what is happening with Scofield. He has T-Bag on a short leash. Whistler and Scofield are observing the guards. They use the binoculars which have been separated into two monoculars. They get some info on the guards from their observations. One of them enjoys watching sports. There is a device that Scofield can construct to interfere with the TV.

Mahone confronts the new guy. He doesn’t say much. Mahone is on drugs, thanks to T-Bag. He doesn’t have any money though.

Scofield needs a microwave and a few other little things to make their jamming transmitter. He has to steal it from other inmates. It doesn’t work. He couldn’t get the microwave out in time. He has to come back to it later.

Linc has to go to plan B to get his bro out of there. It involves the sea.

Lechero is told by his nun whore that Augusto is no longer paying for her services. He’s upset. Sucre earns his money by putting the package into the food supplies for Sona. He almost gets caught. The package was intended for Lechero’s henchman.

Scofield plans on constructing a rudimentary EMP device to crash all electrical systems. The kernel is coming in to see Lechero and the prisoners are freaking out. They have to be on their knees. The kernel thinks that a gun was pointing at one of his men and he has ordered a search. The guard said that he saw a riflescope pointing at him.

T-Bag has to hide the whore. The soldiers find the separated binoculars. Scofield says that the scopes are his. Whistler says that the scopes are his and that he used them to watch birds.

Scofield finds his cell locked with a chain. The EMP device is inside.

T-Bag paid off the whore and Lechero isn’t happy.

Linc shows Sofia the inflatable raft that he bought.

Sucre has to continue to bring stuff into the prison. The new guy says that he knows Whistler from Nice, in France. He saw Whistler with the ambassador.

* * * * *

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