Spooks S06E01 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Adam and Roz are still involved together. In this episode, the team faces a weaponized version of a plague that is going to be used by terrorists. The team is not going to be able to stop the initial deployment. How will it affect England?

I enjoyed this episode. As always, it’s very gritty and realistic. Things like this could happen in reality pretty easily. Actually I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened before. I recommend Spooks.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In an underground facility in Iran, terrorists are working on a tactical biological weapon.

Rosleyn and Adam are sleeping together. The UK is on the verge of peace with Iran. Harry tells Adam that he passed the psych evals.

The team is shadowing the wife of a consul. Adam has already romanced her. Emma’s contacts tell her that an attack is going to happen in London. Mehan Asniq is in Iran intelligence. The consul has canceled an important appearance. This leads the team to speculate on the possible date of an attack. Harry has to warn Whitehall. He gets orders to deal with Asniq in Iran.

Zaff is already in Iran. They have to bomb the train. It has to look like an internal problem, not linked in any way to the UK. Zaff places the bomb.

The next day, Adam confirms that Asniq has boarded the train. Thanks to satellite coverage, they know that Asniq plans to switch trains. Harry is told to execute the plain regardless of how many lives will be lost.

Asniq leaves his bag and escapes before the bomb explodes. The train was still in the city. Zaff makes it back to the British embassy after having warned his office of the bomb by telling them to crouch down. Adam tells him that this created a problem. Mehan Asniq walks into the embassy to ask for asylum.

Asniq says that he isn’t responsible. He was lied to and the intelligence is faulty. He says that he is a double agent. He says that his handler’s name is Copenhagen. He says wants to go to London.

Harry tells Roz to meet with her informant. His American friend tells him that they sold some bioweapons to Saddam. He thinks that the Brits blew open a case of it. They recuperated everything but he thinks that they cultured a new stronger version.

On the way to the safe house in the UK the extraction team gets hit with a magnetic pulse weapon. They loose one of the jeeps. Asniq tells them that he is infected. The other jeep gets hit. Asniq and Zaff head North while Adam goes South. Zaff is taken with Asniq.

A grenade that Zaff captured on his cell phone before being taken is enough for the team to lead them to Nick Ronson, owner of Strategic Force a private security company. Roz goes to question him. He is called before he can reveal enough information. He reveals the name of the team leader, Angus Leonard.

Zaff is infected as well as the snatch team.

Adam decides to talk to the consul. It doesn’t reveal much. Jo planted a listening device. The consul calls someone for more info. The team knows that Iran wasn’t involved with the mercenaries.

MI5 gets contacted by the mercs. They want 30 million quid and the antidote. There is no antidote. Adam proposes to go with a fake antidote to the meeting.

It doesn’t go as planned. The mercs dump Asniq in the middle of London while continuing on their way. Adam is taken into the truck as well. In a fight, Zaff takes a grenade with the fake vaccine. He wants Adam off the truck. They mercs let him have his way.

Adam runs through the streets trying to find Asniq, but he can’t. The episode ends with 129 Brits infected by the weaponized virus.

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