Kid Nation S01E06 (CBS)

I guess that I’ve changed my mind about Kid Nation. I don’t think it’s that bad, but it’s not something I would let my kid do. That’s irrelevant since I don’t have any kids. Basically it’s just like some form of summer camp activity with cameras. It’s not revolutionary or incredible. It’s still interesting to see the kids interact.

I am somewhat annoyed with the fact that the same kids get profiled all the time. I’ve seen different kids that haven’t been talked about at all. In this episode, the kids have to deal with the trash piles that haven’t been cleaned up or disposed of. Taylor gets into trouble with the town council and Leila leaves her side when she decides continually to be defiant. The episode was OK. It’s not that bad but not that great either.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Laurel tells Zach and Guylan that they have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Taylor isn’t happy about it. She wakes up just to insult Zach.

The town is facing a waste disposal problem. The kids think that it will attract some coyotes.

Bonanza City is disgusting!
Sylvia on the waste.

Zach wants to bury it. They choose a few choice people to do the job. Taylor is chosen unanimously by the town council. Her little lazy blonde buddy Leila is chosen as well.

Leila and Taylor try to weasel out of it, but the other kids don’t let them. They make a run for it. Since they are not willing to help out, the town leaders will decide on a punishment for the two lazy girls.

At the trash dump, Guylan can’t dig. Leila decides to go to the trash dump and help out. Three hours later, the trash is buried. DK is happy to talk to Guylan and make him feel better. The green district notices that the town is running low on water.

The town council dishes out their punishment for Taylor. They tell her to haul water from the pump to the tank. Taylor takes some buckets and throws them on the ground. They try to talk to her and she tries to flee again. She starts to kick and scream. Laurel tells her to take a walk and cool down.

The town council brings the water crisis to a meeting and the entire town helps out. Mike has to get used to being no longer in charge.

It’s time for another showdown. Olivia is the first to criticize Anjay when he has trouble finding red cans in a giant bean bin. The kids win the reward. The green district becomes the merchants. Guylan and the reds become upper class. The yellows become cooks. Blue district become laborers. They have to choose between fruits and veg and dune buggies. They decide for the fruits and veg.

Zach puts Leila and Taylor to wash dishes. They are being spoiled little bitches. Zach tells the two girls that they won’t get paid and that no one will give them any money. They can also forget the gold stars.

DK deals with a lot of sticky situations. The town council has noticed. The decision to award the gold star is easy and unanimous. They decide to give it to DK. The town is pissed with Taylor. She is a lazy spoiled little girl. DK jumps to her defense when the town becomes mean to her.

DK raises his hand when Jonathan asks if anyone wants to leave. The kids are shocked. Guylan tries to talk to DK to make him stay. All of the kids are crying. He decides to stay.

He is surprised to get the gold star.

* * * * *

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