Bionic Woman S01E04 (NBC)

Jaime goes on her first mission outside of the US. They have to retrieve a missing thumbdrive that contains data on Jaime’s bionics. Things don’t really go as planned. Jaime has trouble maintaining a balance between her personal life and her new professional one.

This was another good episode of Bionic Woman. There was some more behind the scenes shuffling on this show. The ratings are not what NBC expected. Each week, Bionic Woman has been loosing a bit of viewiers. NBC doesn’t like that and are trying to fix this problem. Will it be enough? I don’t know.

The show itself is interesting, but Jaime spends a lot of time dealing with parental issues, which could alienate part of the viewers. The target audience of 18-49 year old males don’t really want to see this. They want more explosions and feats of strength with bionics.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jaime is running fast. She jumps over a fence and surprises her sister Becca making out with an older guy. She is furious. She hurts her toe.

She has to go into Berkut to get some repairs. She has a talk with the tech and she gets some ideas on parenting a teenager from him.

Corvus is playing poker. She gets nabbed by Jae. She wanted to be apprehended.

Jonas is aware of the incident with her toe. He isn’t happy. The Sons of the Red Sun have kidnapped a CIA operative. Jonas assures Jaime that Becca will be under 24 hours surveillance. Jaime will be going in with her supervisor. They will be posing as an American couple. Jaime sees that Sarah is captured.

In exchange for Anthros Jonas is willing to give Sarah some required upgrades. He says that getting them will help her get better. She isn’t happy.

On the way to Paraguay, Jaime is afraid of flying. On arrival, they get a briefing from a local contact. It doesn’t bode well, but he doesn’t know that Jaime is a bionic woman. The supervisor surrenders when he sets the alarms off intentionally. They get hauled in next to the prisoner, who is trying to decode a flash drive. Jaime and her friend take out the terrorists.

Pope tells Jaime to evac. He plans on killing the hostage because he decoded the flashdrive. The flashdrive contained info on bionics and Jaime. Pope tells Jaime that she won’t last a month without icing the hostage. Jaime lets the hostage escape. She escapes with him, after getting shot. She leaves Pope behind.

The doctor is able to remove the bullet and tells Jaime that she has only 5 years left to live. The antrocytes act like an anti-rejection drug so that the bionics are accepted by the host body.

At Berkut, Jae is informed that they have a cure. Jonas is waiting to receive information from her before helping her. Jae talks with Sarah. She wants proof that there is a cure before saying anything. He checks it out and finds that there isn’t a cure at Berkut. Jonas tells Jae that there is a cure, but on a flashdrive in Paraguay.

Corvus takes Jae hostage. She uses this as a distraction to escape.

Pope calls Stevens collateral damage. Jaime knocks him out. She finds that Stevens is gone from his hiding place.

Jaime confronts Jonas about her life expectancy.

Becca knows that Jaime lied to her. Jaime tries to make things up with her, but it doesn’t end on a good note.

* * * * *

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