Bionic Woman S01E05 (NBC)

Jaime is going back to college, but not the way that she anticipated. A professor at a well known campus is pioneering in neurochips. These neurochips have started showing up in Iraq. Jaime is tasked to investigate the professor. She poses as a transfer from Oxford in neuroscience.

In the modern world of intelligence, private companies and state companies do not mix well. Private ones are driven by the bottom line and their contracts while state companies sometimes lumber under the weight of their own bureaucracies. In this episode, we see how the two different companies see themselves.

At the end of the day, it’s why modern mercenary armies like Blackwater are so successful now, because they take on missions and contracts which would cost too much to be done by the state.

I thought this episode was OK. I didn’t like the fake romance between Tom and Jaime, it just got annoying at some point. I wish the writers would concentrate more on writing good intrigue, instead of injecting all this soap opera bullshit into this show. This is one of the reasons why Bionic Woman isn’t a roaring success. It tries to please everyone. While doing that, it alienates part of their audience.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A soldier wakes up in a field hospital. He kills an MP and starts shooting.

Jaime’s girlfriends want to set her up with a new man, but she refuses. She watches the report on the shooting on TV. The soldier was one of three who had an implant in his brain. Their attacks were very specific. Howard Samuels is the prof who developed the implants. Jaime is going in as a student transferring in as a student from England.

Nathan tries to prep Jaime for her classes in neuroscience, but she isn’t happy. She was planning on going to college and majoring in Irish lit. She is having trouble with her class, but her roommate had gotten an A in that class. They decide to swap assignments.

Jaime is talking with Samuels’ TA. Nathan is jealous and messes with her bionic ear to get her out of there. She has to break into Samuels’ lab. There are a few cool shots of Jaime making her way there from the rooftops. She got caught by Samuels. The TA comes by to bail her out just in time.

Ruth’s hunch pays off and Pope agrees to put a full time surveillance unit on the suspect they identified earlier.

Jaime continues to be involved with Tom. Pope comes by to tell her that Tom is under some scrutiny since they think that Samuels is clean. Jaime gets attacked by a strange guy on her way home. He is one of Samuels’ neurochip guinea pigs. He says that he can’t control himself.

Pope, Jonas and Nathan want to pull Jaime off the case, but she says that they won’t find anyone closer to Tom than her. She finds a neurochip at his place.

They find out that Nadeem, they guy that they had under surveillance, was transporting the chips from somewhere. They think that Tom is the one dropping them off. Jaime is following him. It turns out that Tom is CIA.

There is a cool fight scene between the bad guys and the good guys at a farmer’s market. The bad guys get arrested. The good guys go home.

* * * * *

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