Tell Me You Love Me S01E07 (HBO)

Something is happening between Dave and Katie. Jaime sees Hugo. Palek and Carolyn move to a new house. She gets a special surprise. May puts John to rest and stays with Arthur.

What’s really great about this show is that anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows some of the issues that are shown in Tell Me You Love Me. It’s very easy to relate to. There are a few sex scenes in this episode, mostly between Hugo and Jaime. I really like show and I liked this episode as well. Things are moving forward for all of the couples. Time is passing and it’s really interesting to see where this will head at the end of the season. I recommend Tell Me You Love Me.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

* * * * *

Katie tells Dave that the kids are having a ball at her mom’s and want to spend the night. They have the night off from the kids. Instead of spending time together, they both decide to do their own thing.

Hugo surprises Jaime at her place and tells her that he misses her. She lets him back into her apartment. She tells him that she misses him too, but she is seeing someone. Hugo starts to cry. They make out. She gives him a BJ. They strip and fall into their easy pattern of lovemaking. Make up sex is always the best.

Palek tells Carolyn that they got an offer on the house. It’s almost full price. Carolyn doesn’t seem to want to sell the house anymore. He learns that the offer is contingent on a 20 day escrow, which Carolyn doesn’t want.

Dave is talking to Katie and sees her naked in the bath. He likes what he sees but doesn’t pursue anything. The next morning, Katie is checking out Dave’s ass while he bends over. He gets into the shower and she continues to check him out. That night, they go out with some friends. They talk about the people that they see who aren’t having sex like them.

Jaime is cleaning up her place after Hugo left. She calls her other man and plans on meeting up with him later. She tells him that she slept with Hugo. He isn’t happy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get back together with Hugo. They kiss.

May drops by to meet John’s daughter. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be with him again. She tells him that she wants to be with Arthur.

Carolyn and Palek are looking at a new place. Carolyn says that she hates what Palek does. She doesn’t like moving every year. They find a place they like, but Carolyn thinks it’s small.

Jaime brings Hugo to therapy. She tells him that she cheated on him during their relationship. Hugo is pissed. He leaves. Jaime brought him there to finish their relationship.

Carolyn and Palek are packing. He kisses her. They have sex on the floor. He goes to meet his pals to celebrate. They moved out of their house. She doesn’t want to go back to the house.

Arthur asks May about John. She says he’s not the man she remembers. She says that she loves him.

Katie and Dave are relaxing. Dave gets a call from Jeff because his girlfriend Sandy left him. He comes back later and tells her that he is in love with her. Katie admits that she didn’t always come when they had sex. He tells her that they will fix it.

Palek and Carolyn have an argument later in bed about having sex. Carolyn doesn’t want to and Palek wants to. The next day Palek goes to see his suit girl.

Jaime tells her man that she doesn’t plan on getting back together with Hugo, but he has trouble believing her. She convinces him and they leave together.

Carolyn notices that her period isn’t on time. She might be preggers finally. She takes a test and it’s positive. They needed to make love like they meant it, not to make love as mechanical insemination.

Katie plans on leaving on a business trip. Dave asks her about faking it. They talk about their sex life. Dave says that he let it go when they had kids, it wasn’t the same after they had their children.

* * * * *

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