A Hellion On Halloween

I felt like Hunter Rose, the original Grendel in his warpaint underneath his mask.

At around midnight, I took my dog Spike for a walk. I put on some shorts and got out of the house. It was drizzling. It was a strange drizzle, as if the wind had dislodged some stray humidity and was sprinkling it onto me.

It felt very nice, like the softest jet from a sprinkler system. It was nice and chilly. I like the cold. I spent most of my life in the cold. I’ve lived in Quebec for 20 years. Before that, I lived in France and Germany.

I’ve started drawing again. I’m using oil pastels, ink and my Tombo color pens. I’ve also started paperblogging. In fact, tonight I finished Paperblog #38. I’ve taken pictures of all of my recent art and it’s currently uploading onto my Zooomr site.

I’ve finished watching the classic Dario Argento movies. Suspiria (1977) remains in my opinion, the best of them all. I’ve yet to watch Opera (1987) and Phenomena (1985). I’ve seen those movies already, but I wouldn’t mind watching them again.

I managed to find some Halloween make-up yesterday in XimenDing (西門町). I went to the back of Taipei Main Station, but I couldn’t find the costume shops. I then doubled back and went to XimenDing. It took a while. I was about to leave when I located Costume World (02-2382-2423). I tried Superbooth, but the service was appalling. I bought some Ben Nye make-up and headed back to teach.

I got up a bit later this morning and spent some time posting a few articles that I had written over the weekend. I usually get up at 7AM so that I have time to blog before going to work. I didn’t manage my time adequately, because I had to walk the dog as well. I managed to get to work with almost all of my vampire make-up done. My make-up was scary enough to scare some 18 year old girls who were walking by. They screamed in fright when they saw my face. That made the day worthwhile in my opinion. I quickly removed the make-up and went back home. I took a shower and felt knackered. I couldn’t believe that I still had most of the day left. I drank some tea and tried to shake it off, but the fatigue would follow me most of the day.

When I came home at 7:40PM, I started to cook the salmon. I made a sort of eingelegte salmon, with some tamarin extract and spices. It turned out delicious. I continued watching Rebus (ITV) while I took it easy.

For my Halloween costume, I was asked to dress up as a vampire as part of the play. I used my Scream cape from last year. I couldn’t find my bone hands and my proper Scream mask, but that didn’t matter. I put on some black dress shoes, black slacks and a black shirt. I had some vampire fangs that I had gotten the day before. The make-up was what was really good about my costume. My face was completely covered and since I used professional stuff, it was fine. I didn’t like spending that much time without being able to touch my face, something that I do a lot when I’m tired. But I scared a lot of people and everyone liked it.

Today, I spent at least 90 minutes drawing, paperblogging or coloring. I started my own colored vampire. It looks interesting. It’s very relaxing.

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