Reaper S01E05 (CW)

Sam finally gets a copy of his contract. It’s in latin and is very thick. His dad is acting very strange. It’s almost as if he wants something. It involves the Devil as well, but Satan doesn’t want to see Sam’s dad anymore.

Sam’s personal life with Andy isn’t going well either. The constant lies about his new gig is getting him into hot water, and she is already looking elsewhere.

If I do a quick comparo, I find that Chuck is better than Reaper. I like Moonlight better as well. However Reaper is on the CW, so it has better chances of doing a full season. I’d be surprised if Chuck was canceled.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Andy is waiting for Sam to finish up to join her for karaoke night. Sam gets his contract delivered by some demon messenger. He had to sign the delivery sheet for 3 hours. He missed karaoke.

The next day he has trouble staying on his feet. Sock tells Sam that Greg came by and hung out with Andy the whole night.

The Devil comes by and tells Sam that a new soul has escaped. He follows a trail of slime and finds a car hitting a slime man. He explodes and the guy driving the car dies. Ed Fazio was the victim.

Sam’s father comes by and sees Sam’s contract. He wants to talk with the Devil. Sam isn’t sure how this will help.

Sam tells Andy that he will tell her about what he does. Sam heads off to the sewers with his buddies.

They make it some political function and find an annoying politician Bobby Hartford. When they get escorted off the property, they get arrested when Sock tries to put the sweater over Bobby. The sweater is the vessel.

Sock’s ex Josie tells Sam that Bobby is about to be sued because his company was dumping toxic waste. The dad Bobby Sr. is dead. Sam thinks that Bobby Sr. is the slime man. The Devil drops by and confirms the identity of the soul. The Devil doesn’t want to meet with Sam’s dad. The victims in the lawsuit against Bobby Jr. are dying. Bobby Sr. is back to help his son win the election.

Sam is out of jail, but 3 hours late to meet Andy. She is on a date with Greg. He heads back to meet up with Ben and Sock. Ben gets attacked by slime man. They find the sweater just in time.

Sam goes home and tells his dad that the Devil won’t meet with him. I think that his dad wants to meet with the Devil for some other reason.

Sam finds out that Andy is dating Greg and he isn’t happy. Sam finds out that the sweater is absorbent, really absorbent. Enough to maybe suck up slime man.

Sock finds out that the class action lawsuit is continuing with a new lawyer. They head over to her house and find that slime man has already infiltrated the water system. They chase him down the sewers. Sock is wearing the sweater and it sucked the slime man in.

He had blurted out to Josie that Greg was dating twins. He got this information from the Devil. She tells Andy and she is pissed with Sam, because the twins are Greg’s sisters.

At the end of the episode, we see the Devil and Sam talk about what happened. We also see Sam’s dad rip out a page from Sam’s contract and burn it. I knew that there was something more going on there.

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