Women’s Murder Club S01E02 (ABC)

Three people are found dead on the subway and the police fear a spree killer. It turns out that it wasn’t a spree killer. The women of the club investigate.

Lindsay can’t handle the fact that her serial killer case, the Kiss Me Knot killer, has been handed over to the FBI since the last murder was brought in from another state. She is actually quite pissed.

I don’t know what to think of this show yet. I find the actress playing Cindy Thomas annoying. The way she constantly asks about the club is really stupid. The women aren’t really in a club, they just happen to be involved in different aspects of the cases and confer a lot. Angie Harmon is also a bit annoying. From playing a goody-two-shoes on Law and Order, she has graduated to playing a cop obsessed by her job.

The show looks good and the plot isn’t too boring. But it’s nothing like the Closer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jill is packing to move into Luke’s place. She is getting help from her girlfriends. All three get called to a multiple murder scene. It’s a subway car.

Cindy tries to get into the crime scene. Linda Park makes her debut as Denise Kwon, Jill’s boss. Denise tells that she will give Jill a shot. One of the victims is Carlos Fuentes, a soldier. The other is Noreen Davenport, a rich woman. The last one is Rodney Boyes, a model employee.

It’s Lindsay’s turn to notify the family at the Fuentes home. She and Jacobi get shot at. The brother Alberto was already aware of Carlos’ death.

Cindy Thomas corners Lindsay in the bathroom of the station. She tells her that Rodney Boyes has a police record in Canada. Cindy tells her that her boss wants her to write a 2 page spread on the spree killer. Lindsay tells her that it isn’t a spree killer, but she doesn’t have any proof yet. The subway is open again, but not being used because people are afraid.

Noreen ex-husband had his car towed the night before. He is already remarried.

Lindsay calls Claire as she comes home to find her husband depressed. She tells Claire that they found the murder weapon.

Lindsay worked all night and found a shady army surplus store. She meets Heather, Tom’s fiancée. Lindsay talks with Jill about Heather. She has issues. They find out from the store that the murder weapon was bought by Mad Dog Vincent Morello. They find the biker OD’ing on meth in his trailer.

Lindsay thinks that he was paid to kill someone. His chopper was new. Jill tells that she slept with Hanson North. She has gotten involved with him for more than two times. Lindsay tells Jill that Denise was with Hanson.

Cindy found Boyes’ laptop. She found it by showing the pawnshops photos of Vinnie. She had a candid photo of him from one of the biker bars she went to.

The laptop shows information on Lazar Software. They employed Rodney. It looked like Lazar cooked the books before going public. It leads to Artie Jr, Lazar’s son who is responsible for accounting. Arty doesn’t talk much and Lindsay is pissed to find out that someone had a press conference that told Arty that Mad Dog OD’ed. The mayor had the conference.

Jill wants to give Alberto a deal. Lindsay agrees. Alberto gets his gang to get Arty. It’s a trap to get Arty to confess.

Jill gives Luke her getaway box.

Tom tells Lindsay that the FBI will take the Kiss Me Knot killer since he took the latest body across state lines.

* * * * *

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