Women’s Murder Club S01E03 (ABC)

I haven’t read the James Patterson books, but the title is pretty lame. I mean, come on. Women’s murder club? WTF! Basically the main characters are all in one aspect of law enforcement, from the police, to the coroner to the DA’s office. A new member of the club is part of the media.

When I think of the title of this show, I think about a bunch of women drinking tea and investigating a murder. None of them would be involved in law enforcement, they’d just be interested in murders and solving them, kind of like a babysitter club.

I still haven’t made up my mind about this show. I get the feeling that it will get axed soon, and it wouldn’t be a big loss. The really annoying part is that there is a lot of the story missing, like how did Lindsay get divorced and what exactly did happen during the Kiss Me Knot serial killer case? Maybe the show plans on revealing this later on or maybe the series is based on one book in a series and we are missing a few key details. The fact that they producers and writers chose to make the show about a new case every episode is telling. If it focused on the Kiss Me Knot killer, it would have taken a story arc to find out who killed the women.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The girls get called to a new murder scene. The victim is a presumed hooker. It turns out that she wasn’t. They presumed she was a hooker because of the place that she was dumped.

The actress who plays Alexis the daughter of the victim has trouble enunciating properly. That’s annoying. She says that Emily Sherman went on her first date in years.

Jill has to deal with Alexis’ custody since she is 17. At Bayview Fitness, Lindsay learns that Emily was using a singles site called Luvspace. They find her date thanks to Cindy.

Denise wants Alexis in foster care immediately. They pick her up. She was painting in her home. She was painting the wall.

For some reason Lindsay didn’t want to surrender her files to the FBI. Tom took the boxes of files by himself.

Claire tells Lindsay that she hasn’t had sex with her husband since he was shot.

Alexis gets taken home with Jill. She tells the girl that they found her father. He has recently remarried and has a new baby. They haven’t decided on taking Emily.

Lindsay is back at the Bayview Fitness. He identifies some meth addict named Dino. Cindy is on a date with Dino at the same time. She phones Lindsay. She leaves and Dino follows her. She sprays mace in his face.

Jill finds that Alexis has done a runner. Lindsay and Claire think that Alexis and her boyfriend Milo are involved in Emily’s murder.

Simon, the firefighter, turns up at Lindsay’s office. That makes it hard to refuse to go on a date, especially when she told Tom that she was dating him.

They find Milo in Vegas. He says that they were planning on getting married so that Alexis would be emancipated. Jill is on write-up because of her actions with Alexis. Denise isn’t happy with her and tells her that her days in the office are numbered.

Claire phones Lindsay to tell her that Emily died from an allergic reaction to rubber. Alexis has been trying to get money back from the Bayview Fitness center from unused lessons. Claire tells Lindsay that it made her think about the bondage guy that they interviewed.

She finds evidence that Alexis was at the gym. Gareth Jones was responsible, the guy who worked at the gym. He tied Emily up and left her in his car.

Cindy has been wondering if she is in the club for a while. The girls tell her that she is in.

Lindsay calls Simon and they meet up for drinks.

* * * * *

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