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Bionic Woman S01E05 (NBC)

Jaime is going back to college, but not the way that she anticipated. A professor at a well known campus is pioneering in neurochips. These neurochips have started showing up in Iraq. Jaime is tasked to investigate the professor. She poses as a transfer from Oxford in neuroscience.

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Bionic Woman S01E04 (NBC)

Jaime goes on her first mission outside of the US. They have to retrieve a missing thumbdrive that contains data on Jaime’s bionics. Things don’t really go as planned. Jaime has trouble maintaining a balance between her personal life and her new professional one.

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Life S01E05 The Fallen Woman (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

In this episode, Reese and Crews have to investigate the murder of a fallen woman, who was wearing angel wings at the time of her death. The media loves it. They pursue several avenues of investigation before getting clues about what really happened to her. It involves a tattoo artist and a known criminal, who is almost untouchable.

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Tell Me You Love Me S01E07 (HBO)

Something is happening between Dave and Katie. Jaime sees Hugo. Palek and Carolyn move to a new house. She gets a special surprise. May puts John to rest and stays with Arthur.

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Brotherhood S02E04 (Showtime)

Mary Rose has some problems with a car. Eileen and Kath help her out. Tommy has a new mistress. Tommy gets into trouble with a real estate developer. Freddie asks Declan to clear up a problem he has with a rival whorehouse.

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Brotherhood S02E03 (Showtime)

We finally find out what happened to Pete and it isn’t good. Mike isn’t happy, but Freddie doesn’t let him go wild. Even when they try, it doesn’t really work.

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