Cane S01E03 (CBS)

As much as I enjoyed the pilot, in retrospect I wonder how good it truly was. The third episode of Cane is a bit better than the second, which totally sucked. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. This show is trying to find itself. It’s a mix with different premises. It’s a bit of Dynasty mixed in with The Sopranos.

Vega learns of Frank’s affair with his business rival Alice Samuels. I honestly don’t know what Frank is thinking. Alice is playing him for a fool. She uses him to spy on the Duques. If Pancho found out, he’d go mental. Frank is just being an asshole. Or he’s just being stupid. Maybe a bit of both.

Vega continues to do some business dealings with excellent results, much to Frank’s surprise. Since Vega has learned about Frank’s affair, he is keeping him apart from any decision making. Frank notices this, but doesn’t do anything about it. Vega tells Frank that he knows about Alice and desperately wants to tell him about why his parents hate the Samuels so much. Pancho won’t have it.

This episode was a bit better than the last one. One thing is for sure, it’s not making me want to watch the next few episodes. The same thing is happening to Journeyman. I can’t be bothered really, but I know that in the end I’ll watch them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Vega promotes Santo to bodyguard/driver. Santo is pretty happy.

Vega sees Frank and Alice together on his land. He also saw Samuels’ Rolls Royce leaving the scene. He wants to tell Frank about the Samuels but Pancho doesn’t want to. Pancho is taking some medication.

There is an argument between Alex and Frank. Alex plans on going for a Samuels contract that is coming up for renewal soon. Alex sees an opportunity. Henry wants 500K for his rooftop addition.

Frank knows that something is up. He sees that his parents hate the Samuels. He wants to know more. But no one is telling. He asks Alice.

Alice is spying on Vega. Vega is already in town. Samuels has to underbid his new contract in order to keep it.

Henry is trying to find financing for his addition.

Alice tells Frank that the deal with Premier Blend before Alex made his pitch.

Alex tells Frank that he faked the Samuels. He made them underbid. Vega went to Miami to try and partner with Premier Blend on some other deal.

Jaime proposes to Rebecca.

Alex asks Frank about Alice. Frank tells him that at least he didn’t get involved in a murder.

Pancho has been studying for his citizenship exam.

Isabelle finds a gun in her family safe. Vega follows Alice to intimidate Frank.

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