Chuck S01E06 (NBC)

Chuck is running into trouble at work, and it’s because of his spy gig. He meets his new mission while looking for Morgan at the pier. It’s time for his interview at the BuyMore for the assistant manager position, but Chuck will have to make a choice.

Chuck is once again doubting Sarah and Casey. The spies are spying on him, what a big surprise. But to someone like Chuck who is used to trusting people, it isn’t easy. The lies and duplicitous behavior is getting to him. Morgan is trying to grow up, but will it last more than one episode?

I found this episode OK. It wasn’t as good as the previous one, but it was still alright. The best part was how Chuck got into trouble at the BuyMore. It’s amazing, but Chuck’s personal life was more interesting that his big case. Did he get the promotion? Read on to find out.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A guy is running away. He makes a mad dash through some security systems. He is confronted by a security man. An explosion resounds and takes out the security cameras. The guy takes his laptop and hits the security man.

Chuck is being asked for help by a customer. Chuck notices that all of the salespeople are missing. He finds them playing mystery crispers. Big Mike tells Chuck that a guy from corporate is coming by to interview him. He’s also going to interview Tang. They will choose the assistant manager.

Ellie is getting ready for their annual Halloween party. Big Mike calls Chuck. He tells him that Morgan is supposed to be working a double shift and is AWOL. Chuck finds him playing Guitar Hero at the beach. Chuck knows his adversary. His name is Lazlo Mahnowski and he is considered dangerous. Lazlo notices Chuck’s watch. He knows that Chuck is a spy and confronts him. Lazlo runs off.

He finds Sarah waiting for him in his room. She tells him that they are aware of the situation. She is about to leave and Chuck asks her to wait for a while. He tells her that his sister is expecting him to score, so it’s best that she waits a while.

The next day, Casey confronts Chuck about the fact that he didn’t get the info on time. Chuck rips Morgan a new asshole for being a jerk.

Casey gets an update from the defense department. They tell him that Lazlo is an asset that they can’t loose. Casey has to bring him in.

Morgan and Devon bond. Morgan thinks that he is immature. Devon helps out.

Lazlo turns up with a gun and threatens Chuck. Lazlo tells Chuck that he has been stuck in a lab for ten years over pancakes. Lazlo warns Chuck about his handlers. He advises him to search his room. Chuck finds bugs all over his place.

One of the agents turns up to see Sarah. He briefs her about Lazlo. He tells him that he is probably trying to sell the design of a bomb.

Chucks hides Lazlo at the BuyMore. They are watching A View to a Kill. Lazlo wants to bomb a city in the US. He almost sends nuclear bomb carrying B2s to hit San Francisco.

Chuck tries to escape to his car, but finds Lazlo waiting for him. Sarah and Casey arrive on the scene, and Lazlo gets all these gizmos out of the glove compartment of the car. He designed Chuck’s car with special upgrades and knows all about them. There is a chase and Chuck is ejected from the car. He has to use his shoes as brakes.

The next day, he is talking to Sarah. She tells him that they found Lazlo’s trace. He is heading east. Chuck heads into the office for an interview. Morgan turns up all dressed up for the BuyMore. Chuck finds a sketch that Lazlo drew the night before. Chuck recognizes that it’s a drawing of the Santa Monica Pier. He phones Sarah and gets on his way.

Chuck misses his interview and Morgan has to stand in for him. The interviewer isn’t impressed and tells him that they will be working for Tang the next day.

Chuck finds Lazlo. He has a planted a bomb under the pier. Chuck is able to disarm the bomb.

* * * * *

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