City Homicide S01E11 (Channel 7 AUS)

The crew has to mix with the robbery squad once again, and Joiner isn’t happy. Calabrese pulled a gun on him a little while ago, and ever since then the two have been at each other’s throats. Sparksie makes even more key contributions to Wolfie’s squad.

On top of that, both squads know that there is a rat. The trouble is figuring out who it is. That’s not easy when no one trusts each other. The superintendents have to go to extreme measures in order to block the leak.

I don’t know why, but the robbery squad looks like a bunch of hoodlums. They are also a bit bent, which isn’t surprising really, since they deal with robberies. It’s not quite the mesh that Wolfie would like, but they pull through. Joiner has a bad experience. Just like Mapplethorpe earlier in the series, this event will have repercussions later on.

Another great episode by this Aussie police procedural drama. I enjoy how gritty it is. It kind of reminds of some of the cop shows from the 70s, like The Sweeney and The Professionals.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

There is a heist. Some gold is stolen from a secure location. The squad is called in for a joint taskforce with robbery. Jarvis will be there and Duncan isn’t happen. The robbery guys tell Jarvis that 6 million AU in gold was stolen.

Wolfie figures out almost immediately that it’s a sniper that killed the two guards. Joiner and Ryan find the shooting origin. It’s from1200m and 44 floors up.

The robbers are smelting the gold into new shapes. The guys are listening to a police scanner. They know that the police aren’t aware of what they are doing.

Wolfie makes it clear to Jarvis that the murderers are his. The robbery guys are pissed off that they didn’t find out the information before the murder squad. Sparksie knows someone who was arrested for stealing munitions. He might know who is responsible for buying the munitions. Wolfie’s wife turns up to drop off his daughter’s report cards. He’s got PTA tomorrow night.

They question the army bloke. Jenson admits to selling a sniper rifle to Antonovich, a Serbian immigrant. They find the location where he is hiding out. They decide to raid the place themselves, instead of letting SWAT do it for them. Calabrese is in Joiner’s face constantly. There is a lot of bad blood there. An ugly fat female cop is also part of the robbery squad, she is appalling to look at. They find Antonovich dead at the scene.

The robbers are smelting the gold into bases for gnome statues.

Jarvis thinks that there is a leak in the department. Wolfie agrees. Wolfie is late for his PTA meeting.

Ryan finds a potential suspect named Charles Whicker. He owns a security company. The fatty copper Lockholm leaves the table and phones someone. The robbers make their way to kill Whicker and his wife.

The crew knows that one of the robbery squad is a in on the take. Bernice wants them in mixed pairs. The robbery squad knows that there is a leak as well.

Jarvis and Wolfie are talking about the case. Jarvis used to work homicide, so he knows the drill. Sparksie got some info. Whicker’s real name is Widmore. His known accomplices are Brown and Akuna. They all pulled a job that got them 2 million sterling in the UK.

Sparksie tasks Joiner in narrowing the search parameters of the area they have to cover. The squad is doing a lot of door to doors. Joiner finds the commercial warehouse that the robbers have rented.

Jarvis and Bernice make it clear to the squads that they are all under suspicion. There is a leak and no one is going to be acting alone. A van tries to leave and Sparksie shoots a few rounds off. Mapplethorpe has to save him.

Joiner and Duncan find the smelted gold. They get Akuna and miss Brown. Wolfie volunteers joiner and Calabrese to guard the warehouse.

Sparksie and Wolfie are questioning Akuna and are getting nowhere fast. Fatso copper Lockholm goes to the can. Mapplethorpe follows her and confronts her. Fatso tells Mapplethorpe that she tried phoning Jarvis, and couldn’t reach him. She probably called Calabrese. Brown turns up and surprises Joiner. Calabrese is about to shoot Joiner. Calabrese pulls his gun and tries to shoot Brown. Brown is faster and shoots Calabrese. Brown pretends to shoot Joiner. Joiner pisses his pants. He has Joiner pack the van. He is about to shoot Joiner when the coppers turn up. Joiner is in shock. Calabrese is still alive.

The squad is out for drinks. Calabrese is still in ICU. Joiner is standing apart at the bar. He is still in shock.

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