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Just thought you should know!

I didn’t sleep that much last night, I was busy writing, watching and drawing. It was a pretty productive evening. I had slept a lot the night before, so that wasn’t too tiring. But I knew that in the evening, I’d crash and burn. I fell asleep on the sofa at around 8PM. When my wife came home, I moved into the bedroom. I’ve woken up again 45 minutes ago to walk the dog.

I couldn’t just not walk him, the poor little guy. I had last walked him at around 2PM. Writing for NaNoWriMo has really gotten the creative juices flowing. I wrote another 3000 words last night, on top of the regular 3000 words. It was not really tied to my Symria story, but I found a way to use it in the shower this morning. I’m now thinking that I should have around 30000 words by Monday. Don’t get me wrong, the story will need some editing, but I’ve laid the framework to be able to get that far by that deadline. I’ve got over 6000 words right now, and I haven’t even started writing the fun bits. On top of that, my tutoring class has been canceled, so I get to sleep in again on Saturdays. That’s great news.

I really like the new paperblogs. The old ones look less like art and more like journal excerpts. The new ones have a lot more artistic style. I’m still uploading some Halloween and Zoo photos from last week, so the art scans are next on the upload queue.

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