Life S01E06 Powerless (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

In this episode, Reese has to deal with some of her own demons. She ferrets out a case by listening to the confession of an AA member. At the same time, Crews continues to investigate his ex-partner Stark to see if he was involved in the Bank of LA heist.

I really liked this episode. It was good to get more details on Reese’s character. Her drives and ambitions. He faults and regrets. It wasn’t something pleasant and we see how far she fell before she was able to come back up. She had to try and salvage her career and become a better person.

This show focuses less on Crews and more on Reese, which was also pleasant. I recommend Life, it’s a great show with character driven story lines.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Crews has to requalify on some LAPD test. He is passing the test with his old partner Stark. Crews asks Stark about the Bank of LA robbery. He asks him to tell the story again.

Reese meets Rick on her way to an AA meeting. She was drinking right before heading there. Rick is also drinking. They exchanges mints on their way into the church. Dani sees that Rick is with a girlfriend at the meeting. Rick tells a story about hurting women when he was drunk. Reese tells Crews about Richard Larson. She says that she heard him confess to a rape at an AA meeting.

It’s time for the open house day at the office and Crews bails Lt Davis out of a jam with the reporters.

Reese is checking up on Larson. She is going through 10000 911 calls to find the victim. She finds a recording of a woman named Nancy. She says that she can’t find Nancy, but she can find Rick.

Earley is running some errands when he sees his face plastered on a book. He tries to buy the book incognito.

Reese goes back to her meeting to see Larson. Crews is there as well and gets on the podium to tell his story. Larson wants to see Reese by himself. They leave for some blended coffee drinks. She asks him about his story. She tells him his story. She was a social drinker and took some blow. Her boyfriend dumped her and she lost a job. That’s the whole story. Larson says that she is messing with him and leaves. He says that she is like all the other women.

Reese wants to find Nancy, but she is impossible to find. Charlie thinks that she should be on Facebook or Myspace. Dani asks him how he knows about stuff like that, since in the past he has been ignorant of the technological developments of the last decade.

He goes online to chat and to find Nancy W. He needs a “Internet for idiots” book to figure out all of the abbreviations. It’s kind of funny to watch how painfully slow he types. Davis helps him out.

They find Nancy. She is using her mom’s maiden name. Crews says that Larson committed the crime and that Nancy is doing the time. Davis and Crews are on a stakeout together. She tells him no eating in the car. She said that she doesn’t even let her husband eat in the car. He is surprised to hear that she is married since she doesn’t wear a ring. He asks her about the Bank of LA shooting.

Why beg for candy if you could just go out and buy what you want?
Davis on Halloween.

While Reese is on a stakeout, Nancy comes by with a gun to shoot him. Larson gets away. They try and convince her to testify.

Earley is reading the book. He isn’t happy with what has been written about him. Earley confronts the guy who wrote the book about him. He was his partner in the crimes. He didn’t get caught.

Reese goes to the AA meeting. Lou tells her that Rick has even sponsored a new member. She is knows who it is. It’s the blonde girl Stacy that she saw him with the time before. The girl says that she is going to meet Larson later at a bar. Reese goes there instead.

Davis tells him that Stark was outside the perimeter in the Bank of LA shootings. He wasn’t part of the action. SWAT was on the scene first, that was why no civilians were hurt and no cops were shot.

Reese finds Larson. They arrest him. He denies everything. Later Reese goes home. Davis tells Crews that Larson made bail a few hours ago. Reese finds her gun missing and Larson with a mask, ready to do his business. He has her gun. He makes her drink some vodka at gunpoint. He wants to get her drunk. She is able to call Crews on her cell. She keeps it on. Crews figures out what is happening and they send units over.

Stark meets him there with his new partner. Crews has an idea. Reese ridicules Larson. Stark and Crews distract Larson long enough for Reese to deck him.

Stark tells Crews that he was out on the barricades and nowhere near the action.

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