Dexter S02E05 (Showtime)

In this episode of Dexter, Dexter deals with some important issues of his past. He learns a lot more about the murder of him mother and discovers things that he would have rather not wanted to know about his step-father Harry.

These discoveries almost shatter Dexter’s reality. Luckily his new incredibly sexy and sultry friend Lila is there to help him out. I love the guerrilla warfare attitude that Lila takes about art. She goes around stealing nonsensical items for her art. She paints over paintings in hotel rooms, it’s really hard to make stuff like that up.

Speaking of sultry, what’s up with Julie Benz? She is an incredible actress and incredible looking woman, why hasn’t she been in more movies or TV shows? I really like her portrayal of Rita. She was also really good as a vampire in Buffy. There is something in her voice that just oozes sex appeal. Cast that woman, I dare ya!

Excellent episode of Dexter. Probably one of the more important ones as well, since we learn a lot about Dexter’s past and what led him to become a serial killer. I recommend Dexter.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter is waiting in line. He likes it. He gets to observe human nature. He meets Deb for coffee. Dex gets called to a new case. It’s a comic book shop employee that was killed. Dexter gets spooked by a poster of the Dark Defender, a superhero that the murder victim was working on.

Dexter is at another AA meeting. He is getting sleepy. He sees his mom getting butchered by the gang. He sees himself as the Dark Defender saving his mom. He tells Lila about his mother being killed. Lila says that he needs to confront the memory of these three guys who killed his mom. Dexter has a new mission, to find them. The memory has been suppressed for so long.

Deb is staying at Gabriel’s place. She goes through some of his drawers. He wakes up and finds her doing it. She has to explain why. She tells him about the Ice Truck Killer. Gabriel tells her that he doesn’t know him. Gabriel says that he has been visiting some family in El Salvador for the last six months and just got back. Deb likes that he says that he hit on her because she is hot.

Gail is still at Rita’s. Dexter gets rid of an armadillo. Gail finds some NA literature in Rita’s bedroom. She tells Dexter that she knows he is involved. He has to tell her that he is going to NA. Gail tells him that he needs to leave this family alone.

Dex checks out the people who killed his mom. The records woman tells him that only one person is still alive, Santos Humanez. There are also some audio tapes attached to this file. Harry was interviewing Dexter’s mom Laura Moser. She is freaking out on the tape. He finds out that his mom was a CI for the cops. Dexter finds out that Harry knew his mother. Something that Harry neglected to mention while he was alive.

Maria tells Doakes that he is cleared for the shooting of his last case. Doakes tells Maria that Denny had a beef with Alvaro. They had a flame war going on.

Angel Batista is trying to talk with his wife about visitation rights. Lila has come by to visit Dexter. Dexter is busy recreating some blood spatters. He tells her that he found the men responsible. Only one is alive. She wants him to confront him. They make a date to go together.

Deb and Lundy are at Coral Cove, the marina where most of the cops have boats. At 1PM, Lundy sits down and has lunch. He tells her that he thinks security is pretty lax here. He plans on ordering 24 hours surveillance here and at the other two marinas. They are perfect spots for the Bay Harbor Butcher to dump his bodies.

Doakes knows that Maria has been sleeping with Bertrand, Pascale’s fiancé. He figured it out and Maria just confirmed it. Maria is there to baby-sit him.

Dexter and Lila arrive at their port of call. Lila is coaching him on how to confront the man. When Rita calls, Lila strips and gets into the shower right in front of Dexter.

Deb finds out that Gabriel is writing a book called the Ice Princess, most likely about her. She confronts him and leaves swearing.

While Lila is parading her naked body in the shower in front of Dexter, he leaves to meet Santos.

Rita talks with Gail about what she did to Dexter. Rita tells her that she was running away from Gail when she left with Paul. She tells her that Dexter isn’t going anywhere.

Dexter tries to talk with Santos, but it doesn’t work. He looses control and takes Santos’ baseball bat and beats him a few times. Dexter finds out that Santos knew that she was screwing a cop. This was Harry. He is about to kill Santos when Lila calls. She talks him out of killing him. She thinks she is talking him down from using, but she is actually saving Santos’ life. He goes back and joins Lila.

Deb talks with Lundy about breaking up with Gabriel. Lundy tells her that Gabriel writes children’s books. Deb feels like an idiot. Lundy ran a background check on Gabriel for Deb.

Lila tells Dexter how she joined the program. She was binge drinking and getting high with the best of them. She was involved with a man who became her dealer. He destroyed her, so she set fire to his house. What she didn’t know was that he was passed out inside. He died. The cops blamed the fire on his drugs. That same night she went to her first meeting.

Dex drops by to see Rita. Gail says that she is planning on staying in Miami with Rita. Dexter cleans up his boat, not knowing that Coral Cove is being watched by cameras.

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