The Amazing Race S12E01 (CBS)

It’s the beginning of another Amazing Race and it couldn’t come at a more opportune time for CBS, with the WGA strike going on right now.

I’ve always liked the Amazing Race. It’s easy to watch and since Rob and Amber have been on it, the game has changed. Well actually, there hasn’t been an Amazing Race as good as the one with Rob and Amber, because he just came out with these incredible tactics.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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It’s the start of another Amazing Race. By far, the most interesting contestants are the dating Goths. They look like real life cartoon characters,

For us, everyday is Halloween.
The Goths on themselves.

There are two Latina sisters Marianna and Julia, from Miami. Father and daughter Ronald and Christina are Asians American. Ronald regrets being so busy when Christina was growing up.

The rest of the contestants are more mundane. Or are they?

Donald and Nicholas are a grandfather and grandson. Nick is an airline pilot. Nathan and Jennifer are from Huntington Beach. Nathan cheated on Jennifer and it’s been hard on her. There is a lot of baggage there. They have been dating for two years.

Siblings Azaria and Hendekea are African American engineers. They think they are smarter and more fit than anyone else on the race. Lorena and Jason are dating and are from LA. Kate and Pat are an older lesbian couple. They are also ordained ministers.

Ari and Staella are best friends and co-workers. Both are waiters. Shana and Jennifer are blondes from LA. They plan on flirting their way to the top. TK and Rachel have started dating recently.

The race starts in Hollywood, LA. As the teams get a letter to travel to Shannon, Ireland, Nick and Don hold up the whole line of cars because they got to the first car in line. Everybody honks, it’s kind of funny.

Grandpa is giving directions. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Actually Grandpa driving could be even worse! A bunch of teams take the wrong turn on Sunset Blvd. The LA people have a definite advantage.

The duo multi generational team asks directions and turn around. Some of the teams follow them.

Lorena and Jason are first to grab their seats, followed closely by the blondies.. The lesbo ministers are 3rd. Nathan and Jennifer are third and make it on the first flight. Marianna and Julia make it on as well. Azaria and Hendekea don’t make it onto the 1st flight.

Azaria and Hendekea bond with Christina and Ronald. They share information. Hendekea uses other people’s laptops and cell phones to prepare their arrivals in Ireland.

Ari and Staella take the opportunity to yoink Christina and Ronald’s taxi. Due to some traffic on the tarmac at Heathrow airport, the second flight arrives first. Ron and Chris’ taxi passes Ari and Staella’s.

Ron tells Ari that they stole their taxi. Ari pretends that he didn’t know anything about it. The teams take a ferry to Inis Mór Island. Then they’ll make their way to the world’s smallest church, a ruin from the 10th century.

Three teams get wrong directions.

Nathan and Jennifer have a problematic relationship. When Jennifer couldn’t run a little bit, he starts bitching at her.

Ron and Chris figure out that they have gotten wrong directions and turn around.

Lorena and Jason, TK and Rachel and the Goths are on the first ferry. Nathan and Jennifer, Ari and Staella and Azaria and Hendekea are on the 2nd ferry. The blondies, the Latinas, the Grandpa team and the Lesbos are on the last ferry.

The ferries lead them back to the mainland. They have to get to Cleggan farm. Jason make a risky move and separate from the pack. Lorena didn’t write down the directions. Jason just goes onward. They argue. It’s funny. Lorena is emotional and tedious. They ask directions and made a wrong turn. There are some issues in that relationship as well.

TK and Rachel and the Goths make it to the farm first. The Goths break their chain and push their bikes. The hippies are first at the Roadblock.

The teams have to ride a high wire bicycle over a ravine while carrying their partners along underneath.

The Goths and Nate and Jenny are almost tied for 2nd place. Azaria and Hendekea are 3rd. Ari and Staella are in 4th place. Azaria and Hendekea pass the others and are in 2nd place. Nate and Jenny can’t figure out how to make the donkey go forward.

Rachel and TK make a wrong turn and the other two teams pass them. The hippies are now in 3rd place. Azaria and Hendekea are 1st followed by the Goths.

Az and Hen win a trip to Alberta Canada.

Ron sings an improvised song on their way across.

All the teams are passing Ari and Staella as well as Nate and Jenny who can’t figure out how to make their donkeys move. The blondies pass a few teams and get up to 6th place from last.

The Grandpa team is number 5. Marianna and Julia finally make their donkey move by being nice to it. Jenny is freaking out. They are in 9th place.

The two stuck teams finally figure out how to move their donkeys. Can anyone say something like animal empathy?

Ron and Chris are #7. Kate and Pat are #8. Nate and Jenny are in 10th place. Ari and Staella are last. They’re eliminated. They won’t be missed. Too bad so sad.

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