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Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

This was by far the best episode of Dexter that I’ve seen. Dexter Morgan is such a multi-dimensional character. I’m actually surprised at how much has happened in the second season.

In the last episode, Dexter was filmed cleaning up his boat at Coral Cove with disinfectant. The security camera footage has not yet been seen by the cops. This is the main focus of this episode, trying to erase his presence from those tapes.

At the same time, the shit hits the fan with Rita. Doakes is also back on Dexter’s case. The problems with Rita surfaced when Dex admitted to having a non-existent drug problem. This got Doakes off his back and comforted Rita. Since Lila has been in his life, Dex’s life is changing. He is starting to cope with his addiction to killing. Dex also discovers strange things about Harry, his step-father. Dexter’s whole world is unraveling and the only way he is keeping things together is thanks to Lila.

Since her introduction, there has been some obvious sexual tension between Lila and Dexter. It finally culminates in an encounter, after things fall apart with Rita. The reason why things fall apart with Rita is basically because of Gail, Rita’s mom. If Gail wouldn’t have been there, Rita would still be with Dexter. Or at least, most probably. Gail’s dislike of Dexter has pushed him away from Rita and into Lila’s awaiting arms.

Like I said, this was certainly the best episode of Dexter that I’ve seen since the show started. Somehow Dex is still in control while the Dark Passenger tries to ride him. I recommend Dexter.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter is listening to the tapes that his stepfather made of his mother. Dexter recently learned that she was his CI and that she was involved with him. She most probably had an affair with him. Dexter is surprised.

He goes over to see Lila in the middle of the night. Dexter’s world is unraveling. She tells him that now he gets to figure himself out all over again. He leaves her loft with more questions.

He arrives at work late and disheveled. Doakes asks Deb if Dex fell off the wagon. He tells her that Dex is an addict. Deb tells him that Dex hasn’t even smoked a cigarette in his life. Doakes’ eyes are full of unasked questions. The perfect cover story from a few episodes away is starting to crack.

Lundy asks Dex to be on his team, at least for now. Lundy says that he’d appreciate the new perspective. He’s heard that Dex has a knack for tracking serial killers.

An alleged Bay Harbor Butcher victim says that he was almost killed by him. That’s strange, since Dex knows that he is dealing with copycat killer. Lundy talks with Dex in the place where the victim was attacked. It looks like he is probing Dexter for some reason. Lundy thinks that they are dealing with a vigilante inspired by the Bay Harbor Butcher. Lundy says that he hopes that something will turn up on the tapes.

That gives Dex a cold sweat. He cleaned up his boat using an UV light to wipe the blood away. It will look suspicious. He asks Deb about it. She says that no one has seen the footage yet. There is a technical problem, which will be fixed by tonight.

Dex is at the beach with his chosen family. Dex says that he has to go meet Lila. Gail tells him to invite Lila over. She wants to meet Lila. Lila comes over and tells Rita about Dex’s mother.

Deb is having dinner with Gabriel. They talk about her work, her dad and Dex. Gabriel says that she loves Lundy.

Dex has to swing by the office to erase part of the surveillance camera footage. He is stopped from erasing the inconvenient parts by double locks on the door.

He hooks up with Rita later on. Lila calls Dex and leaves an incriminating message that Rita hears. She blows him off and leaves. Lila says that they spent the night together on a road trip. Rita comes home and Gail is ecstatic.

The next morning he talks with Deb. Deb tells him that he should fight for her. Deb gets a call. Lundy asks for Dex to come to the meeting.

Lundy says that he has reports of adds from people asking for the Bay Harbor Butcher’s help to deal with their problems, vigilante style. Batista bursts in and says that he has a suspect. Lundy says that if one life is lost because of vigilantism, he will hand the case over fully to the FBI.

Dexter finds Doakes in his office. Doakes is listening to the tapes of Dex’s mom. Dex tells Maria about Doakes snooping around in his office. He tells Maria that Doakes had been following him for weeks. Dex tells her that he wants to file a complaint. Maria tells him to wait a little while until she can talk with Doakes.

Dex goes to see Lila. Dex throws Lila on the bed and kisses her. They start to fool around aggressively. It’s been building up since the introduction of the character. Now that Rita has dumped Dex, he is a free agent. The sexual tension between them has been building since they met. It’s finally released as they have sex.

Lila is Dexter’s way of controlling his urges. Without her, he’d fall prey to the urges and never stop killing.

Rita calls Dex and wants to hear what he has to say. Dexter noticed that the voices had gone after he had sex with Lila. They are back after he talks with Rita. Coincidence?

Maria confronts Doakes about his behavior. He is close to being suspended. Doakes thinks that Dex is dangerous. Maria tells him that he is obsessed. He needs to stop. She tells him to leave Dexter alone. Will Doakes do it? Not a chance, it’s not a character.

Lundy wants to use Dexter again, but he isn’t at the office. Maria tells him to use Matsuka. Batista’s perp arrives at the office. He has a lawyer and denies everything. Lundy doesn’t seem to be concerned. He just sits in on the interview. The cops don’t have any evidence. Hopefully some fingernail scrapings will give them some.

Dexter ponders what to do next. The surveillance lab is filled with people. Dex sees a couple of kids. He asks himself what the old Dexter would do. In thirty minutes, the guys looking over the screens will see Coral Cove and Dexter cleaning his boat. He pulls a fire alarm. It clears out the office and lets Dexter get to the surveillance lab. Dexter wasn’t careful about his prints on the fire alarm. Dexter has enough time to erase the incriminating files. Deb is pissed because she has to arrange protection for the vigilante victim. If he gets killed, the FBI takes over the case.

Dex brakes into Olsen’s place. He has to plant some evidence. Olsen turns up at his place while Dexter is looking through his stuff. He attacks Olsen. Olsen says that he killed others. The last one failed.

Dexter hadn’t planned on killing Olsen until now. Dexter tells Olsen that he doesn’t want to kill him. He implies that the Dark Passenger isn’t riding him on this one. He tells him that he actually has to kill him.

The cops turn up at Olsen’s place. They find Olsen all wrapped up, dismembered. Batista says that it’s just as well. It will discourage other copycats and vigilantes.

Lundy tells Deb that the case will stay with them. Deb is happy, but a bit miffed that Dex has become Lundy’s go to guy. Lundy tells her that he just can’t stand Matsuka, that’s why he’s been using Dexter.

Dexter comes by to see Rita. He tells her about Naples and his trip there to confront the killer of his mother. Rita is relieved and shocked. He tells her that he had sex with Lila. She asks him to leave. Dexter had a way out but chose not to lie.

He leaves and goes to see Lila.

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