Heroes S02E06 (NBC)

Hiro hits some problems in the past. Will he be able to save the past?

Claire and West have some fun at school while Bennett goes to see an old friend in the Ukraine. Suresh makes a stand at the company. Nikki makes a comeback under a new guise.

Silas, Maya and Alejandro make it into the US.

Things are starting to get more dramatic. The new season only just began. The plot elements are still being placed. I found this episode of Heroes good. Now that the paintings are in Bennett’s hand, will he be able to figure out what they mean? Peter is an important part of this, yet no one knows that he is still alive. No one except the company. How where they able to save him?

Why is Hiro in the past?

A lot of questions still need to be answered. Hopefully they will give more answers this season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Peter is heading to Montreal. Claire is trying out for the cheerleading squad. The head cheerleader Debbie doesn’t want her to join. Only May votes for Claire.

Monica is perfecting her powers with Dr. Suresh. She is muscle mimicking some gymnasts. He tells her that she has adaptive muscle memory and that she isn’t the only one. Bob comes by to see Suresh. Bob wants to test Monica with a modified strain of the Ashanti virus. Suresh is adamant that he will not do this. Bob forces him to do so. He phones Bennett, who is still in the Ukraine. He tells Suresh to go ahead.

Bennett goes to meet an old friend named Ivan.

Claire talks with West about her problems. West tells Claire to give Debbie a taste of her own medicine.

Near the border, Silas is impressed with Maya’s powers. He tells her that he has to see Dr. Suresh to get his powers back.

Ando meets the professor again to meet about Hiro and Kensei. Hiro is about to attack White Beard. Hiro is in love with Yaeko, but he is the woman that he can not have.

Bennett wants to know where the paintings are. He is questioning Ivan, who trained him and Claude. We now know the name the Haitian. Bennett uses the Haitian to strip memories out of Ivan’s brain, slowly. He gets a call from Claire. She wants to borrow the car. Claire and West have something planned for Debbie. Bennett tells the Haitian to take all of the memories of Ivan’s wife away. Ivan wants to make a deal. He wants Bennett back in the company.

Maya and her gang get caught by the border patrol. Silas thinks that it’s a fake patrol and tells Maya to drive through. Silas tells her to use her gift. She tells him it is happening. Her eyes turn black and the men fall down.

Suresh is about to inject Monica Dawson, but he can’t do it. He makes a scene and leaves the lab.

Claire tries to talk with Debbie. She has West put on a mask and take her up into the sky. He drops her and she falls down. Masked West comes after Debbie to scare her. Debbie calls the cops and gets into trouble for drinking.

Hiro and Kensei are getting ready for their assault on White Beard’s camp. They find Yaeko’s father. He says that he can’t leave. White Beard has built up an arsenal of guns. He wants to destroy them. Her father told White Beard how to construct them. He threatened Yaeko. White Beard wants to overthrow the Emperor. Hiro tells Kensei that he has to smash up all the guns, otherwise it will be the end of the samurai era in Japan. They free the father and go on their way. During the raid, when Hiro and Yaeko are about to get hit by a bullet, he moves her away. She discovers that he was the one who saved her and he is the one who loves her. Kensei sees Hiro kiss Yaeko. The story ends there. At least that’s the end of the scrolls.

Bob comes to apologize to Suresh. He says that he is sorry for trying to do use Monica as a guinea pig.

Alejandro isn’t happy with Silas. Silas tells Alejandro that he will kill him and take his sister’s powers.

May tells Claire that she is on the squad.

When Bennett threatens Ivan to erase the memory of his dead daughter, Ivan tells Bennett where the paintings are. Bennett kills Ivan.

Kensei confronts Hiro about the kiss. Hiro swears not to give in to love and that the kiss will be his last with her. This convinces Kensei to continue on with the mission. Or so Hiro thinks. Kensei knocks Hiro out. He has already betrayed them to White Beard.

Bob brings Monica home. He also gives her an iPod video, filled with video clips on any skills she might need.

Suresh meets Nikki again. Nikki says that she will be working with the company for now.

Bennett has the other paintings, but can’t figure out what they mean.

Peter and his friend are in Montreal. There is a message from Adam telling him that they were right about the company and that the world is in danger. Peter doesn’t know any Adam.

Peter transports himself into the future in New York. He is a year into the future. There has been an evacuation order for NY.

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