Weeds S03E13 (Showtime)

Nancy is still dealing with the bikers and they are starting to cause problems. Their product is inferior to hers. Nancy has got some supply problems.

Shane has gone insane. Silas makes up with Tara. Andy tries to see biker chick, but it doesn’t really work out. Celia wants to be part of the gang and is put to work.

This was another great episode of Weeds. It’s setting up the season finale quite nicely. I wonder what will happen at the end of the season. I really enjoyed this episode. I recommend Weeds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy comes home to find Doug and Andy next to the giant cross that Doug stole from Sullivan. Andy talks about the biker dope. Andy tells Nancy that the bikers know a lot about her.

Nancy goes by the grow house and asks about the crops. Conrad says that the crops that were ready to get harvested were lost in the move. He says that a new supply line would be a good idea, because it’s going to be dry for a while for them.

Celia pays a visit to Sullivan with a baseball bat. She destroys his office while he looks on. Celia goes to see Conrad. She wants to be part the team.

Tara comes by to sell pot to Sullivan.

Nancy has a meeting with the bikers. She wants to see their product. She takes a pound of pot on consignment. Ches’ name is Chester.

The alarm sounds at Nancy’s house. Shane is by himself. He thinks it’s a false alarm.

Celia brings by some plants for Heylia. They light up in the shade. They have a talk about men.

Tara finds out that the new weed sucks. Silas finds Tara and they talk. She tells him that he won’t have to share her anymore.

Sanjay comes by with complaints from his customers. Nancy isn’t happy.

Nancy gets a new tattoo. She gets a U-Turn tattooed on her ass.

Nancy pays of Ches and tells him that she won’t be taking anymore pot from him. She tells him that his pot sucks. Ches hits on her again.

Nancy finds the cross in the grow house. She goes to see Conrad. They have sex.

Silas gets beaten up by the bikers. They say that they will come after all of them. Nancy notices that Shane is talking to someone who isn’t there. Shane tells her that he is talking to dad.

* * * * *

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